Transforming the light workers of the world to light leaders

create a business that channels your purpose, fills your soul, and lights you up.

transforming light workers to light leaders by burning the BS, aligning deeply, and releasing the blocks that are holding you back.


Stop always giving and pouring out.  Start receiving and filling your cup.

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Entrepreneurship is a soul journey.  But it doesn't have to be a sole journey.   

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Hi there! I'm Melanie St. Clair

I've got a special super power that I can't wait to share with you.  With your passion for serving others and my skills to help you overcome your own BS, we can build your dream life with a business supporting that - and not the other way around!



What is Light Leader?

A 3-month private coaching immersion freeing light workers to step up and unleash fully as light leaders


3-Month Coaching Relationship

Receive the level of support that you desire and deserve with Melanie as your full support, guide, cheerleader, and biz bestie for the next three months.


light leaders lounge access

Get to know the other Light Leaders inside this private Slack workspace exclusively for Light Leader 1:1 clients.  Make friends, new connections, support each other, and cheer each other on.


phoenix reborn vip intensive

Kickoff with a full day intensive to release what's not longer serving you, rise from the ashes, and rebuild a new way of showing up in your life & business.


full email/chat support

Reach out anytime via email or chat (inside the Light Leader's Lounge) to receive support, brainstorm, get clarity, and more to increase your connection and support in your business.


bi-weekly coaching calls

Regular support at a cadence that maintains full support while also respecting your busy schedule.  Release blocks, overcome resistance, get clarity and more.


flex coaching calls

Need an extra dose of support?  Want to brainstorm a new service or launch strategy?  Flex calls are perfect for additional guidance to use in between our regular sessions.  Get 3 bonus flex calls inside Light Leader.