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Showing purposeful women how to build businesses of intention, service, and connection

Showing visionaries, dreamers, and world changers how to lead from a space of alignment and clarity

Live your most fulfilled and authentic life.  Leave your legacy.


You weren’t put on this earth to take up space.  You’re here to make a difference.


Imagine a life where you:

  • Wake up everyday filled with inspiration and intention

  • Feel confident in your purpose and the uniqueness you have to offer the world

  • Can prioritize yourself without carrying the biggest guilt hangover

  • Aren’t your worst enemy and know exactly how to work through your mental BS and move forward


How would it feel?

Living your most fulfilled live by owning your boss status and running a business that’s dedicated to serving others and changing lives.  Having a clear mission so you know exactly what to say “heck yes!” to and where to set boundaries without feeling like a flake.

Knowing that you’re making a difference and leaving and impact by being your most authentic self.  And not selling for the sake of sales, but inviting people to make them a part of their journey because you know just how much you can serve them.


Are you ready to leave your legacy?



Meet Melanie

Big dreamer, kitty momma, power yoga pants CEO












Hi there! I'm Melanie St. Clair

I show visionary creatives how to make the most of their one life.

With your passion for serving others and my skills to help you overcome your own BS, we can build you a business that will leave a legacy.


On the Blog


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There's more to life than just business strategies, writing sexy emails, and arranging nine perfectly curated squares.  We deserve to build a legacy that's more than a business, a brand, or even an online empire. 

Confident entrepreneurship

Being a confident entrepreneur isn't about never feeling doubt or banishing your inner critic.  Rather, learning how to work through self doubt and learning how to propel yourself forward even when you're scared!


self care for giving creatives

As giving creatives, we pour our hearts into giving to our family, friends, and our business.  Giving to others our first nature!  But we also need to LEARN how to give to ourselves and take of us as humans, then entreprenuers.