I'm a creative coach, obsessed kitty momma, and yoga pants fanatic with big dreams

Most days, you’ll find me sitting in front of my couch in yoga pants and a comfy shirt (super softness required).  Other times, I might be following my cats around or snuggling with my gorgeous fiancé Jeramia.  

I’m a confidence coach, online educator, writer, and photographer noob.  My go-to Starbucks order in the summer is a coconut milk green tea latte or a soy chestnut praline with extra whip in the winter. Mmmmmm.

I believe that as women in creative business, we have a unique opportunity and RESPONSIBILITY to use our businesses as vehicles for change.

When we fill ourselves with purpose, we gain confidence to shine with passion.  When we believe in ourselves and our causes, we see ourselves as valuable assets worth investing in (hello, self care!).  And the more we care for ourselves, the longer we can continue to executing our life missions.

Through my 1:1 coaching, group coaching programs, and online workshops, I show giving creatives how to build legacies rooted in their belief in themselves and their purpose.  Because there's more to life than email marketing, social media management, and organizing #alltheTrellocards.


I've got you, babe

I believe that action is the key to seeing results.  

And I deliver totally do-able steps to achieving your biggest dreams and goals.  

Because the thing I want most for you in life is to believe in yourself the way that I believe in you.  

That’s right, beautiful.  I’m here not to just tell you you’re awesome.  But to show you how to see it yourself.



I want YOU to be the encouraging voice and steadfast support for the incredible women in your life.  I want us to start a chain reaction of support, love, and community through all of womankind.

Because when we believe in ourselves, each other, and our cause, we will change the world.


we've got this, babe.  Join me for the adventure of a lifetime?