Transforming the light workers of the world to light leaders

Hi!  I’m Melanie St. Clair.  And I’ve got a superpower to share with you...

Melanie St. Clair - Coach for Spiritual Visionaries


You know those times when you're getting tangled in your own web of thoughts?  Overwhelmed, frustrated, not sure what the next step is? 

And even worse, you're doubting yourself.  You're questioning if you're good enough, if you can make it, if you're really cut out for this whole "entrepreneur" thing.

Trust me, friend.  I've totally been there.  But I've got a special trick up my sleeve (call it my ultimate superpower) that I have just for these times.

I can see the truth of who you are.

Even when shit's falling apart.  Even when it feels like you've fucked up big time.  Even when you're so consumed with doubt, you can't even fathom what the next step is.


I can see that you’re already a flawless diamond of impeccable quality, brilliance, and beauty - even when you feel too raw to see it yourself.  

You weren't put on this earth to take up space.  you're here to make a difference.

I am here living and breathing to create spaces of soulful, purposeful women to remember who the heck they are.  

So that you can leave the bullshit distractions of overwhelm, shoulds, and rules behind and get to living out your soul purpose and be ever supported and loved by life.

I help badass women like you come into alignment and totally transform the way you see yourself, your life, and cultivate a business that fully channels your purpose.  I am brave, bold, and free. I am purposeful, deeply connected to source, abundant and free.

I am Melanie St. Clair and I am here to help you remember who the fuck you are so that you can do some epic shit in this one life.  Because I can see your truest self - crystal clear - even when you can’t.

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You are not a small flame on a candle that gets snuffed out by the slightest wind.  You are a roaring, self-sustaining fire of truth.

It’s time to stop looking to the next strategy, program, or 13-hour day to save you.  When things aren’t working on a big picture level, it’s 100% an internal shift that needs to happen - not external.  

So, are you ready rise within to the next level?  I'd be honored to be a part of your sacred soul journey.