Helping women come back home to themselves

Helping women come home to who they truly are.

Learn to find home within.  

You’re here because you know that you’re meant for something more.

You feel it in your bones.

If not, maybe you’d jump on the conveyor belt of day-in-day-out. Or you’d be drowning yourself in tears of feeling sorry for yourself. But you’re not. You know that life is happening for you, not to you, and HERE.YOU.ARE.

I have no idea how you came here - but trust me when I say that it happened for a reason. Whether you’re seeking to find yourself, experience deep soul healing, or expand your business into a channel for your soul purpose, let me be the first to say…

Welcome home.

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It’s time for a radical shift

You’re not here to live an ordinary life. You’re here to live the one that’s taken you lifetimes to train for. And you know within your soul that you’re here to step up as a Light Leader in this age of magic.

But I also know that it’s HARD.

Sometimes the weight of your purpose feels heavy. Or the inner you is kicking and screaming when she’s asked to step up. Not to mention the loneliness that always seems to come with shining brightly.

In so many way, you are I are the same. We’re intuitives, visionaries, and healers. We’re here to make a difference in the world -not just to take up space.

The difference between you and me?

It’s about location - not composition.

You and I are made of the same stardust. We’re here to serve, transform, and heal.

The only thing is - you’re spinning yourself into a dust cloud of chaos and trying to look from the inside out. Whereas I’m looking from the outside in.

As your coach, friend, and fellow Light Leader, I am here to help you slow down, let the dust settle, and look into the future with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.

All so that you can

  • experience deep, transformative healing to free yourself from your wounds, stories, and limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you

  • allow yourself to say YES and RECEIVE what propels you forward and say NO and SET BOUNDARIES to what holds you back

  • align your mindset, intention, and actions with your soul purpose so that you can live a life that leaves your legacy 

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Hey friend! I’m Melanie.

I create sacred and safe spaces for seekers to experience and find themselves. My clients and I have always been the weirdos and struggled to fit into the fabric of the norm. But that’s because we were cut from a very different cloth.

We are part of the Light Leader Collective.

Me? I lived the life of hustle, feeling spiritually numb, and self-proclaimed oddball. I was a quick burning fire - excelled rapidly but burnt out in an instant. Star student suddenly hates school. Excelling business analyst quits after 6 months. Non-stop blogger burns it all down after two years.

Why? Because I was living a life that was completely out of alignment with my true purpose.

Fast-forward to today and I get create spaces of abundant love and support for intuitives like you to open their channels, receive like a damn queen, and live a deeply aligned life.

My clients go from out-of-aligned hot mess - filled with doubt, exhausted by frayed energy, and constantly fighting against themselves - to confident, clear hot messenger of soul truth.


Back to what REALLY matters.

Because at the end of the day, I am here to support YOU in making the absolute fucking most of your time on earth. Someone to help you clear your blocks, provide abundant love and encouragement, and hold you accountable to doing what’s best for you - even when you’re resist-y AF (#technicalcoachterm).

So whether you have no logical reason for working together, but know that your soul craves this space or one of my other rockstar clients sent you my way, know that I can’t wait to make absolute magic with you.

Here’s to living your most aligned, saturated, and vibrant life, Light Leader. And welcome home. 

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