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Showing purposeful women how to build businesses of intention, service, and connection

Hi!  I’m Melanie.  Melanie Sumiko Yiyu (formerly Tsuchiya) St. Clair to be specific.  And I’ve got big dreams for you and I.


Hey there boss brains!  I am thrilled that you are here with me today.

Straight out of college I landed my “dream” corporate job as a data analyst.  I craved making a difference, wanted to become an industry leader, and was determined to rock those power heels like a total boss. 

Yet, every morning, I dreaded the urgent sound of my alarm clock.  Drudging through the day in my 9-5 was crushing my spirit.  And I quickly grew tired of working for someone else’s agenda and wanted more from my everyday.

I never in a million years thought I would be an entrepreneur.  But here we are.

In bouts of frustration from eye-twitch inducing corporate politics, I would turn to my side hustle hoping to feel the entrepreneur’s “high of success.”  But slaving away at content creation, always desperate for growth, and praying I’d make a sale left me feeling empty.

We were made for greater things than always craving more.

I lacked the fulfillment in my business that other entrepreneurs sang praises to.  At the end of the day, the pressure to focus on profitability and constant growth left me feeling like I wasn’t enough.  I thought I’d never actually be “successful.”

Then, I found my calling.

Hoping to find the missing ingredient in my entrepreneurial journey, I joined a group program to get inside with the experts.  I started my mastermind with students in that group and for the first time experienced true community.

My eyes opened to the power of connection.

I saw that everyone is struggling.  We’re looking for a way to feel less alone in our experience and crave belonging with others.

Suddenly, I understood that the key to living my most authentic and fulfilled life wasn’t about a chasing numbers - number of dollars in the bank, followers on Instagram, or email list subscriber.  Numbers don’t define your worth.  Instead, I needed to create a business focused on purpose and service if I truly want to leave a legacy.  

By the end of that group program, I learned that while the program content was valuable, the way I organized my mastermind and the support and insight I gave took the program to an entirely new level for my peeps inside.  I was born to coach and guide others.

So in 2 months, I retired from corporate life at the age of 23 and started my new business.  I ran my first profitable group coaching program, brought on life changing aha! moments for myself and my students, and could finally go to sleep at night knowing that I made a difference.

Human connection and authenticity have done more for my business than any business strategy ever will.
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In order to leave your legacy and live your most fulfilled and authentic life as an entrepreneur, I believe you must build a business of purpose and service.  You weren’t put on this Earth to take up space, you’re here to make a difference, my friend!  And I’m here to show you how put purposeful foundations in place, inspire change in your clients’ lives, and finally know just how significant and worthy you are.

Join me if you’re ready to inspire others with your natural gifts, share your message to make even one person feel less alone, and start validating yourself from within instead of seeking value from meaningless numbers.