How I Finally Stopped Hating Instagram as a Creative Entrepreneur

If you and Instagram where in a relationship, what would be your relationship status?

Blissfully in love? Besties for life? It’s complicated? Frustrated, but working through it? Utterly abusive.  Why the fuck are you in my life?

Personally, I’ve felt all of these ways towards Instagram.  But that last one?  Yeah, that’s the one we really want to avoid.

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The Ultimate Guide to Building Authentic Connections and Meaningful Relationships as an Online Entrepreneur

Let’s be real here (aren’t we always?).  Being a solopreneur is tough.  As the one and only employee of your business, you’re doing the work of a village as a single human with finite hours in the day.

With all the decision-making power, content creation, and more on your shoulders, you’re not only doing a shit ton of work, but owning a ton of responsibility.

Oh and don’t forget the personal attachment to your work and your success.  With your business being about something you so believe in, of course you attach a piece of your identity to it.

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How to Add Branded Covers to Your Instagram Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories were a total game changer for me.  In my old business, I felt like a slave to Instagram.  I was desperately trying to take the perfect photos, write the most captivating caption, and curate a gorgeous feed.  And while I still feel a bit of that pressure when posting on Instagram (I’m a work in progress), Instagram Stories brought the “insta” back to life.

Normally, when you post a Story, it only lives for a day.  So it disappears from your story timeline after 24 hours.  Which is great to throw in fun updates, behind the scenes looks, quick tips, and a glimpse inside your life.

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Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Five Ways to Manage the Tough Seasons When You Feel Like Giving Up

As a visionary creative, I know you dream big.  With a vision for yourself and the world, you’ve got a lot of world changing on the agenda (plus a lot of brunch).

Big picture thinking is one of your greatest strengths.  When you close your eyes and imagine your business in 5, 10, 15 years, you can feel exactly how you want it to be.

But day to day?  That’s a different story.

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The Top 3 Things that Skyrocketed My Confidence in Business

After only 6 months in my corporate job, I knew that 9-5 life was not for me.  Opening my inbox in the morning made me want to smash my face on the keyboard.  I quickly felt myself spiraling into a cube shaped depression.

So I took the biggest leap of my life and left my cushy corporate job to start my brand new business.  I was determined to exchange the dream of power heels for power yoga pants; even if it meant completely starting from scratch.

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