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How to Sell as a Soul-Led Entrepreneur When You Aren’t Salesy

You love doing the work that you do.  But sometimes, the business side of things make you want to throw up in your mouth.

Yes, you’re an entrepreneur.  You’re not about working for someone else and deeply crave the freedom and impact that you get when working for yourself.

But that also means that you’re your #1 salesperson.  You don’t have Jim and Dwight there to harass your leads.

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My irresistible morning routine to come into alignment with ease

When I first started running my business from a place of alignment and flow, I felt a little awkward.  I was used to jumping out of bed and rushing to check email, social media, and stare into the soul of my number of followers, trying to extract some deeper meaning from them.

Naturally, this created the cycle of panic > hustle > hustle > hustle > wait impatiently > no results/slow results > panic > hustle > hustle > hustle.

What an exhausting way to live, right?  Enter the beauty of intuitive business.

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