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The 3 Things You Need for a Massively Profitable & Deeply Soulful Business of Purpose

So much of the coaching industry lures people in with the glitz and the glam.  And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with money or luxury (don't get me wrong, I love both!), there's so many of us out there using our business to channel our soul purpose.

But how do you bridge the gap between attracting unlimited wealth AND creating a deeply soulful business that lights you up, fills your soul, and energizes you every day?

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How to Build and Inspire a Purpose Driven Business

Let me ask you a serious question...Why are you in business?

Is it to have the freedom to work for yourself?  To spend more time on your creative art?  To not limit your income based on the rules of the corporate world?

Sure, these are all great benefits of being a creative entrepreneur.  I love rocking my power yoga pants all day, every day.

But when you dig a bit further, why are you in business?  Why are you doing the specific work that you’re doing?  

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How to Unlock Your Special Fry Flavor And Stand Out in the Crowd

You pop open Instagram and lackadasically scroll through your feed.  Oh, how you love seeing posts from your favorite boss babes.  Their photos are scroll stopping and captions absolutely captivating.  Plus, it feels like you could sit and enjoy a bottle of wine with them for hours.

With a yearning to connect to others, you reach beyond your normal feed and boldly punch #communityovercompetition into that search bar.  You see the face of a person who looks like she could be your new best friend.  Her kind eyes and joyous smile are begging you to tap and view her post.

As you’re reading her caption, you think “wow, this gal really knows what’s up.  I feel this so much!”  Finally, someone who gets your message.  But as you keep reading, a gnawing feeling settles into your stomach.  

She’s doing exactly what I’m doing.

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How You Can Change the World as "Just" a Creative Entrepreneur

Ok, so you’re sitting there sipping your coffee, checking your emails, working on client work, scheduling social media posts.  You’ll happily stop working for someone else 40 hours a week to work for yourself for 80 hours.

Yes, your business is ingrained in who you are as a person.  I mean, that’s why you pursued creative entrepreneurship in the first place!

But as much as you love being your boss, the passion you put into your work, and the exhilarating side of “the hustle,” you’re still left wondering at night…

Am I actually making a difference in the world?

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How to Capitalize on Your Uniqueness in an Over-Saturated Industry as a Creative Entrepreneur

You scroll through Instagram to see other creatives in your industry.  And a looming sense of doom hits you HARD.

It feels like there’s a MILLION others out there doing  Yikes!

How do you stand out in a sea of other photographers/calligraphers/graphic designers/coaches/you name it!  How do you actually be unique in an over-saturated industry?

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