How to Capitalize on Your Uniqueness in an Over-Saturated Industry as a Creative Entrepreneur

Yes!  You did it!  You finally took the plunge and started your own business.  Your friends and family were always saying how talented and creative you are.

And you said, heck yes!  I want to take this fabulous hobby of mine to the next level!

So you hustle away to put together a beautiful website.  Your write a few bombass blog posts to show off your credibility.  Then you curate nine dreamy tiles on your Insta feed.

Ohhh yeah.   You did good, girl.

But then - reality sets in.  You scroll through Instagram to see other creatives in your industry.  And a looming sense of doom hits you HARD.

It feels like there’s a MILLION others out there doing  Yikes!

How do you stand out in a sea of other photographers/calligraphers/graphic designers/coaches/you name it!  How do you actually be unique in an over-saturated industry?

How to Capitalize on Your Uniqueness in an Over-Saturated Industry as a Creative Entrepreneur

Hey, you beautiful creative you, I GET IT.  It feels like everyone is doing the same thing.  And it gets overwhelming!

You start to doubt yourself and question if you should even be in business.  Or go down the dangerous thought-rabbit hole of “but there are so many other people out there who are better than me.”


But before you start to let self-doubt cripple your abilities and cramp your style, let me say that there ARE ways you can start to work through it.

Because being a confident entrepreneur isn’t actually about being a confident entrepreneur.

There's no confident entrepreneurs and not-confident entrepreneurs.  It's not black and white.

Instead, it’s about learning to work through your self doubt, fears, and insecurities.  And ultimately, not letting those creeping feelings of doubt overcome our ability to execute the incredible work that we were born to do.  

No one is Beyoncé confident 100% of the time - not even Beyoncé!  So let’s get cozy my dear friend and get into the secrets of how to capitalize on your unique talents in an over-saturated industry.

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No one is doing the exact same thing as you are

First things first, there is no one doing exactly the same thing as you.  Really!

I know it might seem like there’s a million and one fellow photographers, calligraphers, coaches, designers, or people in your field.  

But there is no one out there with your perspectives, personality, and unique interests.

The reason that people decide to purchase your products and services versus those of others is not because of the quality or features you include.  It’s because of their personal connection to you as a fellow human being.

Human connection is your greatest asset. Meaning YOU are your greatest asset in your business. And you are irreplaceable.

Based on his viral TEDx Talk, Simon Sinek uncovers the real reason that people buy from certain companies in his book Start With Why.   He says that “loyalty is when people are willing to turn down a better product or a better price to continue doing business with you.”  

Those who are loyal to you and your business will buy from you no matter what.

But how do we develop loyalty?  It’s not in slashing our prices or offering the best bonuses or creating the most captivating subject lines.  

It’s by integrating our humanity throughout our brand and our message. It’s inviting our audience into just enough of our lives that they feel like we are a friend and a genuine person who feels, fears, loves, as well as creates.

And THAT is why your dreamy customers and clients will always come back to you.

Identify your unique perspectives

Ok, now I’ve got your wheels turning in your brilliant brain and you’re wondering “but how do I start to make that human connection?”

The fabulous Jenna Kutcher defines connection as when someone else is able to say “hey, me too!”  It’s in the smallest of moments that we feel that sense of “me too” which snowballs into an experience of belonging.

When you think about yourself as a person, what are your philosophies in life and in business?  What you feel about the world and humanity?  What do you believe about your industry and specialty?

For me, I believe that our personal fulfillment is the most precious currency we will ever own.  

This belief about the world fuels me to focus my business on showing giving women how to pursue their life passions and make their world a better place - through providing them a solid foundation of confidence and self care.

There’s thousands upon thousands of other confidence coaches out there.  But only a few who believe in the core values that I do.  And zero with my particular perspectives.

The unique combination of my life philosophies and trade perspectives (or what I like to call my special fry flavor) is solely mine.  

And that’s how I bring people not just on my list or to follow me - but to join me in my life mission of showing giving women how to life fulfilled lives.

Your clients and customers come to you for YOU.  So give them what they want, you fabulous creative and be your authentic, beautiful self!

Infuse your special fry flavor into your brand and your story

However, there’s one more piece to the puzzle.  Knowing your special fry flavor is one thing.  But you won’t actually make connection unless you put it out there in the world.

Specifically, infusing it into your brand message and story.

Using your special philosophies on life and your industry is what sets you apart.  By repeating this messaging in your blog posts, Instagram captions, and newsletter you’re making it a part of your brand story.  

Thus, making yourself distinguishable amongst the masses.  You are making YOU a fundamental part of your brand.

And while it might seem a little awkward to put yourself on repeat, it’s important to remember that no one (not even yo mama) reads every single piece of copy you put out there.

Aside: Can we give ourselves a pat on the back for ALL the copy we create?  Cuz it’s a lot!

Plus, as much as we *wish* people followed along with every piece of content in chronological order, they don’t.  People get busy, take social media breaks, and we are (ideally) welcoming new dreamies into our audience every day.

So, by repeating our special fry flavor throughout our messaging, we are providing a unified brand experience and infinite opportunities for anyone in our audience (new or old) to say “hey, me too!”  and create connection.

Coming into yourself in the ultimate way to stand out in an seemingly over-saturated industry of similar creatives.  

The thing is - you’re not competing against the others if you’re totally and completely you.  Instead, you’re focusing on attracting the people you most want to work with.

Yes, you’ve so got this, babe!

This post got your beautiful brain bursting with ideas and inspiration?  Yeah, I love that feeling too!  

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