How to Manifest Clients When You Needed Them Like...Yesterday

If you’ve been in business here for a bit, you’ve probably had a dry spell (or two...or three).  And trust me friend, it happens to the best of us.

But while your business comes to a slowdown, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your bills do too.  So what’s a visionary gotta do to keep the client flow steady, continue serving, and have the cash on hand to go on living your most free, spacious, and expansive life?

How to Manifest Clients When You Needed Them Like...Yesterday

If you want to manifest fast, you need a high-powered combination of mindset and action.  Your energy needs to be aligned vibrationally with the energy of possibility, miracles, and the simple (but potent) power of yes.  

But the mindset piece isn’t all of it.  It’s fast, aligned action that will expedite your awaiting results.  So, when it comes to manifesting clients, this means that you need to whip your money mindset into shape and go out there and SELL.

I mean, I can have the intention to go to the grocery store all that want.  But if I don’t turn off Criminal Minds, get off the couch, and head out the door, I’m not getting anywhere.

Remember, you’re a business owner.  Asking for the sale is part of the job.

And if you’re in a rut, crave to step up and serve, and need a cash injection (without selling your soul), we’re here to dive into the details on how to manifest clients when you needed yesterday.  So you can get yourself that next client (or two...or three) and finally get back in alignment with the powerful creatrix that you are.

This first blog post is all about the mindset and energy work that comes with client attraction.  Mostly because when I first wrote this post, it was 10 pages long. So I figured it would be easier to digest if we break it up a bit!

Part II on the sales and action is coming next week (March 6, 2019).  But let me encourage you to still give this one a good read because it’ll make taking the action in Part II a hell of a lot easier (and more rewarding) for you and your clients.

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Having a top-notch mindset speeds up the manifestation process because you aren’t blocking yourself from receiving what you desire.

To attract clients who you truly love to work with (and to make good money doing it), you need to shift out of the energy of scarcity and lack and into the energy of joy and abundance.

I know, I know.  When you’re panicking how you’re going to pay rent, feeling abundant is the last thing on your list.  But I promise you that it’s the key to magnetizing clients with ease.

So how do you start to access the energy of abundance when you’re in full on panic mode?  These are a few of my top recommendations (for myself and my clients) to shift your energy and raise your vibration so that you can be open to receiving all that is in store for you.


Take a Step Back

Oddly enough, I was a significantly more strung out control freak and perfectionist as a teenager than I am now.  But one of the first things that I learned when it comes to energy (waaaay before I was remotely tapped into my spirituality) was that worrying never actually helped me.  In fact, doing anything from a place of worry or stress made things 10x harder.

How many times have you gone looking for your keys (or some other object), were so laser focused on not having your keys, continually affirming that they’re lost (where are they, where are they, they’re gone), only to find out they’re right there in front of you (or in your hand, sunglasses on your head, or other facepalm inducing moment)?

The keys were always there.  But focusing on how they weren’t there only prolonged the experience of them being lost.

What you focus on manifests.  If you’re stressed about money and the lack of clients, you’re going to manifest more of it.

It’s like you’re surrounded by buckets.  Each time you focus on something, a drop goes into the associated bucket.  Spend enough energy stressing, worrying, and freaking out over not having clients/money/momentum, etc. and you’re going to be drowning in exactly that.

Take a step back, get out of your head, and come back at it with a clean slate.  Maybe this means

➳ go for a walk

➳ take a day off to do something fun

➳ work in a new physical environment

➳ call a friend to help them with their problem

➳ or dance it out in your living room

do something to move out the stagnant, frustrated energy that isn’t serving you and call in the energy of joy and freedom.

When you come back to the drawing board, you’ll be out of problem solving mode and into wealth creation mode.  Feel the difference? Problem solving itself affirms you have a problem. Wealth creation affirms that it’s here and coming to you.

How to Manifest Clients When You Needed Them Like...Yesterday

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

Before you gag at this one too, hear me out.  Expanding yourself as a receiving container starts with you allowing yourself to receive all that you have now.

If you’re sitting there pushing away help and support from friends and family, always having sh*t to say about your audience, or are constantly moaning and groaning about what you don’t have, why would soulmate clients want to even be around you?  The energy is

The Universe is truly the original Netflix.  It has an infinite number of shows, realms of possibilities, and episodes to play for you.  And it also acquires your taste.

If you’ve been playing “I could drink gallons of saltwater and still not be drier than my business” or “I’m such a victim to the money struggle.  Why can’t I just get what I want?” or “No matter what, there’s always a reason to be suspicious and shoot down ideas” then the Universe is going to play out opportunities that match your energetic state.

In other words, it’s going to continue playing out the barren wasteland of your bank account if you keep complaining about not having clients/money and living in victim mode.

I say this with all the love in the world.  And having totally been there myself. It doesn’t serve anyone.

But the Universal Netflix reel is also an incredibly powerful tool that can work FOR us (if we let it).  If you’re in the energy of gratitude and joy, feeling deep reverence for all that is around you, life is going to open up.

You’ll start to find money on the ground, manifest free stuff in the mail, and get people reaching out to help you, celebrate you, and work with you.

I also say this with all the love in the world.  And having totally been there myself.  It really works.

You are a powerful manifestor - whether you realize it or not.  Life is always happening for you and not to you. If you’re neck deep in reasons life is crappy to you and your business, life is energetically required to meet you back in that vibration.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  - Newton’s Third Law

However, if you create, live, and breathe from a place of gratitude and joy, the Universe is required to provide you with more of the same.  By the laws of PHYSICS. #GetYourNerdOn

Not to mention, you’re just going to be a happier human in the process.  It feels way better to let yourself be happy and grateful. And isn’t that what this whole life thing is about anyway?

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Get Clear on Your Desire

What do you want out of booking these clients (beyond more money)?  What do you want in receiving more money through your business?

Gluttony is a sign of scarcity.  If you’re ravenous for more, more, more, you’re chowing down to the tune of “never gonna receive again.”

How do you get out of scarcity and into abundance?  Give it purpose.

The Universe wants you to live out your grandest life - a life where you give and receive at incredible levels.  But to give you must receive. And to receive you must give.

Why do you want to serve your clients?  Align with your big why, your purpose, and serving.  Not only will this make selling a hell of a lot easier for you, but you’re showing the Universe that you’re ready to step up and be of service.  

When you’re coming from a place of service, the Universe will always conspire for your success to support the highest good of all.

The same principles apply to the money that you desire.  Wanting more money for the sake of wanting more money comes from scarcity.

How will this money serve you?  How will it contribute to the highest good of all?

It’s okay to want to set aside some money in a contingency fund for when sales are down (I recommend this to all my clients).  But instead of squirreling away money like the world will come crashing down tomorrow, you’re creating this pillar of financial support from a place of love to serve you.

In addition, write out a list of all the awesome stuff you’re going to do with money (with full gratitude).  

Paying your rent? Thank you for the money you’re going to receive to have a safe place to live.

Going out to dinner with friends?  Thank you for the money that will allow you to eat delicious food, not do the dishes, and create a fun way to connect with your besties.  

Booking a massage? Thank you Universe for great massages and the special face spots that don’t make you get kinks in your neck when you’re in comatose relaxation mode.

Money has no value until we assign it.  So give it something awesome to do.

Your Client Homework: Write a letter to your soulmate client thanking them for working with you, showing up for themselves, and all your magical hopes and dreams for them.  For real. It works. Do this for however many clients you’re trying to book. Or to the collective group if you’re booking a group program or course. More on why in the next section.

How to Manifest Clients When You Needed Them Like...Yesterday

Allow Yourself to Receive It (Energetically)

Allowing yourself to receive your desires in the quantum realm is the first step to receiving them in the physical.  When you close your eyes and think about receiving clients, are you instantly telling yourself “but how the f*ck is that going to happen?  There’s no way!”?

If yes (or you’re doing anything of the like), you’re pushing away the possibility of clients coming into your life.  So how can you allow it happen in the physical world? You’re solidifying this reality for yourself even more.

There’s always evidence to support any argument.  

How men are intimidated by powerful women or how men love a woman in her power (my husband being one - all of the women in his life are badasses).  

How making money is hard and miserable or it can be easy and fun (I had a client who randomly started getting cash in the mail.  Wild and also totally expected because of her vibration).

How booking clients can be like pulling teeth or people can’t wait to sign on (I’m never convincing people of anything on sales calls.  We just chat and if it’s in both of our best interest to work together, we do and it’s awesome.)

Allow yourself to receive your clients energetically and they will appear on the material plane.  Visualize them saying yes, imagine the emails saying the contract is signed and the invoice is paid, write them a letter (above), and thank the Universe for the incredible people that you get to serve and support.

Then watch it all unfold for you.

How to Manifest Clients When You Needed Them Like...Yesterday

Sell Yourself on Your Own Program

I see this happen all the time where clients pump their programs full of random stuff to try to make it look more valuable.  They’re adding 1:1 sessions, content, and bonuses out the wazoo. Or they’re putting in a f*ck ton of calls and giving a sh*t ton of energy to beef up their services.

Adding all this stuff without first this of best service for me and the client/student?

Does it actually help you and your client to have weekly calls or would it be more supportive (for both of your energy levels) to do every other week?

Do you really need to cram all those extra workbooks and trainings or would your value proposition be clearer if you focused on making the core deliverables amazing and adding one or two enticing bonuses that complement them?  And really, who’s going to do all 60+ pages of your workbook?

When you pump your programs with random stuff to make them seem more valuable, you’re actually creating an energetic drain for yourself.  

Either because you’re delivering way too much work for the price point and intention of the program. Or you’re adding content that doesn’t actually have value because it doesn’t truly come from a place of service.

On top of that, you’re going to subconsciously push away sales because you really don’t want to hop on the phone weekly or deliver that much stuff for the current price point.  Your programs and offerings need to be aligned in terms of value as much as they do in messaging.

How do you remedy this?  

Sell yourself on being the co-creator of your work before you sell it to anyone else.  

Read over your sales page and ask yourself “is this how I truly want to show up and serve?  Does this feel like a fulfilling exchange for me and my client?”

If you’re totally sold on being the service provider, that energy is going to amplify so that you can attract the receiver. And BOOM. Clients ready to rock n’ roll with you.

Up Next…

Next week, we’re diving into the fast, aligned action piece of rapid client manifestation - selling.  How to sell with soul, in integrity, and without feeling disgusting.

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