How to Release Limiting Beliefs with Perfectly Crafted Affirmations

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There was a point in my business where I realized that I was making everything harder for myself. I was stressing, making assumptions for the worst, and overthinking every minute detail.

And if you’re in the same boat, you know that saying “just think less about it” or “stop stressing” isn’t what actually clears the stress off your plate.

Sometimes it makes things worse.

So, how do you actually start to allow in ease, flow, and abundance into your life and business in a effective and easeful way?

By releasing limiting beliefs in your subconscious through the power of affirmations.

Now, I’m not talking affirmations that make you want to throw up in your mouth when you read them. I’m talking shake you to your core with truth kinda affirmations.

On The Authentic Woman blog, I’m sharing with you how to craft and implement positive affirmations that work and have the power to radically change your life.

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