How to Release Perfectionism as an Entrepreneur

How to Release Perfectionism as an Entrepreneur

Let’s talk about PERFECTIONISM.

Overachievers are deeply familiar with this sensation.  The needing for everything you do, create, and experience to be absolutely flawless.  At first, we think that it’s such an asset because it allows us to excel in the traditional settings of school and work.

It’s a weapon and a superpower that we use to rise to top.

But we eventually tire of the process of writing, re-writing, re-re-writing…of creating, re-creating, re-re-creating.  Perfectionism becomes a tiresome mirage to uphold.

Once we’re plucked from the traditional settings that thrive on scarcity, competition, and lack and decide to forage our own path, the mirage dissipates.  Suddenly, when we’re left to create from the heart in our business we feel completely naked without our obsessive need to perfect everything.

Perfectionism changes from our greatest weapon to our most tightly held shield.  We use perfectionism as an excuse to not share ourselves with the world.  To not launch the program.  To not send the email.  To not hit “publish.”

Why was perfectionism such an asset previously but not it’s leading us to our downfall?

Because perfectionism stems from a void within – specifically a lack of faith that who we are, as we are is enough.

The rest of the world operates in a scarcity mindset.  Competition, hustle, using busy as a badge of honor.  We are told constantly we can do whatever we want…as long as we’re not ourselves.  God forbid.

And what this does is create the belief that your value lies in your results.  Get straight As, write the best paper, nail that promotion.  Your worth is based on the results you produce (via what actions you took to get there).  It does not come from within.  This is the root belief of perfectionism.

Which creates a void within us.

So feeding the void via perfectionism allows us to “thrive” (albeit at a great personal price) in a scarcity driven world.  Whereas the moment we shift to a place of needing to constantly instill trust in ourselves (and The Universe) as an entrepreneur, we are at a loss.  And feel like we’re barely keeping ourselves afloat.

We developed atrophy of our faith, belief, and trust muscles.  And nothing works them more than the entrepreneurial journey.

The “magic” cure for perfectionism?  Trust.

You can’t make it as an entrepreneur without it.  It’s time to instill the purest trust in yourself and trust in The Universe (God, Source, Life, etc.).

Ok, so how do we go about shifting this mindset?  Because if I could simply “give” you trust, you better believe that I’d be handing that out on every street corner!

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We put the pressure on ourselves to produce the perfect content to get the perfect results.  Write just the right subject line, CTA, sales copy or whatever.  It has to be just perfect in order to get the response or reaction that you desire.

And I’ve totally been there.  But if we’re being honest with ourselves, isn’t that a lot of pressure?  Who’s to say that we have any control over how things work out in our lives.

For literally billions of years, The Universe has existed.  The planets still orbit.  Stars are born and stars die.  Plants grow, the rain falls.  The Universe continues to exist and the flow of life constantly proves to us that she’s mastered the art of perfection.

Think about it.  The intricacies that go into how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  Or a seed becomes a mighty oak.  Or the process of digestion.

They’re damn perfect.

We are not here on this to BE perfect. We ARE perfect. Life created us and our sheet existence is proof that we are already perfect as is.

Your existence is proof of perfection.  Your truest self, in your most natural state, is always perfect.

Life has well, perfected the art of perfection. 

We aren’t here to control it or do things to make things happen.  We are here to serve, participate in, and contribute to the flow of life.

So, when you share your truth, create your art, do your astounding work, it’s not about “I have to write the perfect email so that it converts well.”  No, we’re sharing our message and living as our truest selves like “Life, you are one smart mama.  And I know that you’re already working with the forces of The Universe to provide for me exactly what I need.  So here’s even more of an expression of my truest self and purpose to show you that I’m here to follow your divine flow.”

(Because remember, your business is the channel through which you live out your purpose)

How lucky are we that we get to be part of this beautiful process of perfection?

Today, I invite you to choose to trust in divine perfection.  To believe that your existence is proof that you have purpose. 

I never know where my next client is going to come from.  But I love and relish in the uncertainty!  Because The Universe is always conspiring for me to further live out my purpose.  I mean, who doesn’t love surprises?

So, if everything is already in the magical process of already working out for you (in EXACTLY the way it needs to be), what do you now choose to do today?  What’s the most aligned and inspired action that you now choose to take?  Knowing and believing full faith that every action you take from this space is exactly what it needs to be.

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