How to Sell as a Soul-Led Entrepreneur When You Aren’t Salesy

How to Sell as a Soul-Led Entrepreneur When You Aren’t Salesy

You love doing the work that you do.  But sometimes, the business side of things make you want to throw up in your mouth.

Yes, you’re an entrepreneur.  You’re not about working for someone else and deeply crave the freedom and impact that you get when working for yourself.

But that also means that you’re your #1 salesperson.  You don’t have Jim and Dwight there to harass your leads.

Nope.  You’ve got to market, attract leads, and land clients to keep this machine running.

Hard selling makes your stomach do backflips.  You feel disgusting trying to get to people to buy from you’re taking their money and/or trying to prove your worthiness to them to X dollar amount.

Aaaand on top of all of that, your business isn’t just about making money.  This is the work of your soul. It’s your purpose. And having to go through all the vomit-inducing parts of the sales process makes you want to cry (or actually cry).  

It feels like your divine purpose has been tainted by the need for money and the “business” side of running your own business.

Am I right?  Or am I right? do you sell as a soul-led entrepreneur?  How do you sell from your soul and leave behind all the nastiness described above?


The biggest shift that transformed my perspective on selling is that selling is serving.  You’re here to change the world and do some epic shit.

But you can’t do that if people don’t buy your stuff.  Firstly, because you require and deserve money to sustain the lifestyle that puts you in your most aligned, inspired, and joyous state.  Secondly because when people invest in themselves through you, they respect themselves and your shit infinitely more than getting it for free.

You have to sell your stuff in order to serve.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be chasing after leads like a balding cars salesman with a cheap polka dot tie and beads of sweat rolling down your shiny head.

Instead, selling becomes a form of leadership.  It’s an invitation.

In order to do that, we have to shift the power dynamic between us and our audience that we are so frequently taught as “selling tactics” and that we’re often participating in as potential buyers.

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Because we exist in a world governed by the Law of Duality.  Let me first position selling from your soul with what it looks like to NOT sell from your soul.

Normal (ew) business practices say that you need to convince your people how much they need your shit and how much they need it NOW.  But babe, you and I both know that we are far from normal.

For example, a hot, juicy lead tells you that now just isn’t the right time for her to hire you.  And you, being the diligent and determined entrepreneur you are pull out every stop in the book to overcome her objections and land that sale.

Has she thought of the extended payment plan?  Does she know the true cost of NOT hiring you? But you could save her so much time and money in the long run.  It’s an investment now, but you know that it’s going to pay off.

And other responses of the like.

Now, before we dissect this a bit more, let me say that if you’ve tried to convince you leads to book with you, I’m not calling you out.  Like I mentioned before, we’ve been taught that this is way that you make sales and survive the gauntlet of entrepreneurship.

You know that you’re not a shitty manipulative person.  I know you’re not a shitty manipulative person. So, free the judgment of sales calls past and allow ourselves to be receptive to a new way of living.

You remember how awesome and genuinely of service you are?  Good. Let’s keep moving forward.

Now, there’s a multitude of issues with approaching sales from the “but I gotta overcome #alltheobjections” perspective.  The main being that if you have to convince someone to buy your shit, you’re taking away their power. You’re saying that they don’t have the autonomy to self select what is best for them.

You’re manipulating someone to buy something that they ordinarily would not self-select into.

And this practice usually comes to collect down the line.  They might resent you, not be fully present and engaged, be so stressed about the financials of the investment that they can’t think of anything but how the heck they’re going to afford the next payment, etc.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been on the buying end of that situation.  And if you have too, (a) I feel ya and (b) you know that it sucks.

Yeah, I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve been on or amazing women I’ve met who make me scream on the inside “please hire me so that I can serve you more!”  Because I know that we could make absolute fucking magic together.

But they have to SELF SELECT IN in order to truly make the most of it.


So, to answer the original question of this to sell as a soul-led entrepreneur when you aren’t saley?

You give them back their power and show up as a leader.

You are here to be of service.  And in order to serve your clients on a truly deep and meaningful level, they have to hire you.  We’ve already covered this.

So, you’ve got this amazing service that you can’t wait to put out there in the world.  And of course you want people to purchase it so that you can serve them. What do you?

You tell people about it.  You tell people about you. You share your values and why you freaking love the work that you do.  

#SoulLedMarketing, baby!

From there, you add in strong calls to action that tell people exactly how to hire you.  So they can follow through the process with ease and know what to expect.

But when you add these CTAs, they’re not salesy and in your face.  No need to start getting sweaty palms and freaking out that you’re pushing shit down people’s throat.

Because what you’re actually doing is stepping up as a leader.  You’re telling people what the next step is.

Like “hey, did you just read that fucking amazing IG post/email that I just wrote?  Yeah, freakin’ mind blowing, right? If you want to take everything that I just talked about to the next level/get more support from me/work together to implement all the amazing stuff I just talked about, click this link/apply here/message me/do-the-thing and we can make magic together.”

Your badass tribe is going to be reading all your juicy content, falling in love with you, raining heart-eye emojis all over the place saying “yes, yes, YES!  I need me more of this amazing woman!”

And there you are.  Having made the easiest sales of your life by BEING YOU.  Not convincing anyone, bending over backwards to accomodate them, or climbing over mountains of objections.  Attracting premium clients who are absolutely ready to do the work, invest in themselves through you and who are utterly in love with you.

I’d take those clients over the ones I had to convince to hire me ANY.DAY.

Plus, as a coach, my job is to build you up and believe in you.  And me trying to convince you/manipulate you/taking your power shows that I don’t.  You deserve a coach who believes in you with every fiber of her being.  End of story.

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Now, with all this in mind, the underlying thing to remember here is that you are a badass, rockstar visionary here to do some truly epic shit on this earth, in this one life.  Your purpose is a gift and blessing from The Universe.

It gave this gift to you saying “here, go forth and share yourself with the world.  And I will do everything in my infinite power to support you in living out this divine purpose.”

Now, it’s your turn to TRUST.  To trust that your soulmate clients are moving their way towards you now.  To trust that The Universe is tapping all the right people on the shoulder.  To trust that everything will unfold in pure perfection the moment you stop trying to control it.

And I mean, isn’t that the greatest cosmic joke of all time?  That we have any control over how the magic and the flow of life will manifest in our lives.

You’ve GOT THIS.  Trust, have faith, surrender.  Allow your soul to lead your business because that baby knows EXACTLY what the next steps are.  And your soul speaks to you through your intuition.

How do you sell as a soul-led entrepreneur when you’re not saley?  Be you.

Be yourself.  Show up. Serve.  Tell people what you do.  Invite them to take the next step, giving them full power to self select if working with you is the best decision for them at that time.  And trust that life will always support you living out your purpose.

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