How to Unlock Your Special Fry Flavor And Stand Out in the Crowd

You pop open Instagram and lackadasically scroll through your feed.  Oh, how you love seeing posts from your favorite boss babes.  Their photos are scroll stopping and captions absolutely captivating.  Plus, it feels like you could sit and enjoy a bottle of wine with them for hours.

With a yearning to connect to others, you reach beyond your normal feed and boldly punch #communityovercompetition into that search bar.  You see the face of a person who looks like she could be your new best friend.  Her kind eyes and joyous smile are begging you to tap and view her post.

As you’re reading her caption, you think “wow, this gal really knows what’s up.  I feel this so much!”  Finally, someone who gets your message.  But as you keep reading, a gnawing feeling settles into your stomach.  

She’s doing exactly what I’m doing.

Her core message is the same as yours.  The moment that realization hits, you swifty tap on her profile to stare at the number next to her name.  Nevermind her friendly smile and cute dog photos.  She has twice as many followers as you do.

*sinks into turtle shell*

There’s no way you can compete with her, her message, or her hella cute dog.  How can you run your business when someone is using branding and messaging that’s so similar to yours?  Once again, #communityovercompetition betrayed you.  Only to leave you feeling a little less sparkly and a lot more insecure.

Secret Fry Flavor Pins.png

Trust me, when I say that I totally get it.  You want to embrace community and support and empower other women.  In an ideal world, you wouldn’t ever feel threatened by someone taking a similar path as you.

I know you don’t want to feel threatened when you see someone with a similar message as yours.  But it’s actually not as threatening as it might seem.

Because the truth of the matter is, no matter how similar her message might be to yours, there’s no one on this planet doing exactly what you’re doing.  

There isn’t a single person who has the exact same writing style, design preferences, personal stories, or cute dog that are exactly like yours - let alone having the unique combination of all of them in one person like you do.

As a creative entrepreneur, it might seem like there a million other coaches, photographers, designers, calligraphers, etc. who are doing exactly the same thing.  And yes, they might even have a similar philosophy, style, or bounce as you do.

But the truth that we often forget is that people connect to people - not brands.

It’s the personal elements of your branding that will make people feel connected to you.

  • The stories that you share about yourself makes your readers feel like they could sit down, drink a glass a wine with you, and talk for hours.

  • The vulnerability that you share with them makes them feel less alone in their struggles.  

  • Your unique perspectives on industry norms sets you apart and shows potential clients that you believe in the same things they believe.

It’s that human connection, that relationship, is that will make people trust you and remain loyal to you.

Yes, the “competition” might have a similar message.  She might even have a bigger audience than you do.  But she can’t connect with people in exactly the same way that you do because she isn’t you.

Think of it in terms of french fries (because mmmm, fries).

You’ve got curly fries, waffle fries, steak fries, shoestring fries, fancy-ass Belgian fries.  If you offered a plate of fries to a room of 100, 50, 20, 10 people, is that single plate of a single kind of fry going to make everyone love it?

You guessed it! Heeeeellllll no.

Why? Because you have people who want fatter fries, crispier fries, spicier fries, fries in freakin’ mayonnaise (what? whyyyy!). And then you have those untrustworthy individuals who are too healthy for fries in the first place!

These people connect to and love different different types of fries.  Just like the sea of your potential audience connects to and loves different type of people.  It’s a matter of finding the people who absolutely CRAVE your special fry flavor - even if it’s similar to (but not exactly the same) as the gal next door.

The unique parts of your personality combined with your individual philosophies about your industry is your special fry flavor.  And no one on the face of the planet ever has or ever will have the exact same one as you.

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How to Rock Your Fry Flavor and Stand Out from the Crowd

Fry Flavor = Your Personality + Your Individual Philosophies

First things first is to identify what your fry flavor even is.  Your fry flavor is a collection of components that make you unique.  

Your personality is what makes people feel like you are a real live human and not a big corporation.  Developing a personal brand means cultivating an environment for connection because there’s no one else with all your personal aspects.  Having a strong personal touch within your brand will make you stand out from other brands with similar messages to you.

What do you believe about the world and how do you want to change it?  What stories of transformation led you to where you are today?  What are some of your weird quirks and guilty pleasures that will make a potential client say “ohh my gosh, that’s so me!”

Additionally, your unique philosophies as related to your industry will make you stand out within the industry as a whole.  People don’t just want to know that you agree with what others are saying.  They are more interested in what you disagree with.

Are you a wedding photographer who thinks that your wedding shouldn’t be the happiest day of your life?  Or a brand strategist who believes that ideal client demographics are useless?  Or a business coach who thinks that profitability isn’t the bottom line?  (By the way, all things that I also believe!)  

Your special fry flavor will make you stand out within the industry as well as your niche.  And it’s your ultimate recipe for success!

Make Your Fry Flavor the Highlight of Your Business

Just because you know what your fry flavor is, doesn’t mean that your audience will!  You have to highlight it as part of your brand.  Tell your stories over and over - even if it feels old!  

Even your most loyal followers won’t read every piece of content you put out there.  By highlighting your fry flavor throughout your content, you’re also creating a cohesive brand experience from a storytelling side.

Share your perspectives in your blog posts, Instagram posts, Facebook lives, and other Facebook groups.  Tell stories to your email list like they’re old friends.  

Much like the visual aspects of branding, you want someone to hear a story or a perspective and instantly identify with you.  Because your fry flavor is the core of your brand identity.  Plus, it will save you additional work if you can repurpose content throughout the week.

Know When to Cancel Out the Noise

Sometimes we get into consumption mania and we try to read #alltheblogposts, listen to #allthepodcasts, and enroll in #allthecourses.  Don’t get me wrong, learning from others is a valuable tool.  Especially when there’s so much free, rich content out there.

But it’s also important to know how to learn.  And in what way works best for you and your business.

When it comes to you special fry flavor, don’t rush to adopt new strategies just because it was mentioned on the latest episode of your favorite podcast.  First, evaluate if it aligns with your personal and brand standards.  Is it something your audience will be receptive to?  Does it contradict your perspectives and philosophies?

Additionally, just because one industry leader says one thing, doesn’t make it scripture.  If you disagree with an industry norm, it’s another opportunity to stand out if you respectfully and articulately make your point of view known.

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