Is 2019 the year you should hire a mindset coach?

Mindset coaching recently boomed in popularity across the online business realm.  From money mindset to fear of visibility to releasing your fear of success, the concept of working with someone to “get out of your own way” is a refreshing shift in approach than just adding more strategy to your business.

Maybe you’ve heard from a few peeps here and there that mindset coaching is a good move for 2019.  But you’re still wondering…wait, I don’t even really know what this is?  How do I know that this is actually right for me?  Totally ok, friend.  Your secret is safe with me and there’s zero judgment.

Mindset coaching is relatively new to the stage…and it isn’t.  More accurately, it seems that more people are aware that mindset coaching exists.  But the practices themselves are age old.  Some downright ancient if we’re getting deeper into the spiritual side of things.

But really, should you bother?  Is mindset coaching really where it’s at when it comes to unlocking new levels of success in your life and business?

Truthfully, (albeit with my own bias) as a mindset coach who’s been on both sides of the coaching relationship, usually it’s people’s mindsets more than their lack of strategy that’s keeping them from “being where they want to be.”

If you fundamentally don’t believe that it’s safe for you to make money, take up space in the world, shine brightly, or be rich you can betcha bacon that your subconscious is going to pump the brakes anytime that you’re close to “success.”

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You know how when you’re watching a cheesy romantic drama and the main character SO DEEPLY wants to be loved.  She (because of course it’s almost always a she…but more on that later) wants a man who will treat her right.  She wants to be loved and cherished.  She wants the dream relationship that everyone else seems to have instead of the crapola ones she’s been selecting for herself.  Ugh, because women’s stories don’t matter unless they’re attached to a man…again, more on that later.

Yet, when Hollywood-acceptable dreamboat of a man comes by, she nitpicks every.little.reason to not be with him.  He’s so wealthy and I can’t be with a rich guy (even though he’s so damn kind and humble).  Or he doesn’t have the right career or teeth or he chews funny.

And you’re sitting there like “GIRL.  You’ve been bitching and moaning and groaning that THIS is all you want and now you’re gonna find an excuse to not have it?”

Then her best friend/sidekick rallies the pep talk of all pep talks about how beautiful protagonist should love herself and really she’s scared of the commitment and that she will be loved and seen and actually get everything she wants.  GASP.

*Cue protagonist breakthrough and a startling “FINALLY!” that wakes up my previously peacefully sleeping cats*

Yup.  That’s mindset coaching.  Only you’re not a damsel in distress and we’re probably not giving each other pedicures when the breakthrough happens (though hey, it could happen).

Really, mindset coaching is about having someone who can spot limiting beliefs from a mile away and be a mirror for you so that you can what’s holding you back.  It empowers you to release these self-sabotaging habits with grace and ease, get a loving ass kicking when you need someone to push you to dig deeper, and be one rock solid support through the process (because, let’s be honest.  It’s HARD work sometimes).

And ultimately, allow yourself to receive what you desire.  Whether that’s money, success, visibility, soulmate clients, love, deep friendship, and more.  Usually, mindset coaching helps you with ALL of these even if you “just” start in one area.

At the end of the day, mindset coaching is about building you a plane. 

Sure, you can try to get from Denver to Paris by yourself.  You can try to walk on foot to the coast, then swim, then walk some more (ideally nomming some good pastries on the way).  You can even grab a train to make the land commute easier and quicker.  Then catch a boat so you don’t have to worry about sharks or getting too wrinkly on that long swim.

But really what you want is a freakin’ plane.  And mindset coaching isn’t about getting you from Denver to Paris.  It’s about creating the realm of possibility for you that makes it easier, faster, and way more fun.

We’re building you a plane…just set up in your brain and sans TSA pat downs (unless that’s your thing).  It makes the journey for you getting what you desire more easeful, faster (even though time is an illusion), and way more fun because the nice flight attendants give you pillows and snacks and you can listen to podcasts instead of fearing that you’re going to drown (or be too wrinkly when you finally get Paris).

So, now that we have that cleared about how mindset coaching serves you, I’m going to dive into the most common mindset coaching myths so that you can know if you’re really ready to work with a mindset coach and if this is the right next step in your journey.


One | You Do Mindset Coaching to Make Money

Personally, I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions around mindset coaching.  You do mindset coaching to make the money.  Get a mindset coach to make more money.  “Fix” your money mindset.  Then you make more money. 

And it makes sense why we’re taught to believe that.  Most of my own public content delves into money mindset.  It’s popular and an easier topic to dive into when you’re just starting out.

Because I mean, it’s way easier to answer “what are you afraid will happen when making money becomes easy?” than “what are you afraid will happen when you publicly stand in your truth and take up space in the world?”

Usually, the first question ultimately leads to the next.  But starting with money is safe(r).  It’s a great gateway topic when it comes to mindset work because it mirrors the areas for growth while also being detached enough (at least at the beginning) for people to start to scratch the surface.

But this also leads to people who aren’t necessarily ready to do the REAL inner work wanting to do mindset work as a way to make money.  Period.

Money mindset coaching isn’t a cash injection.  It’s a facilitated container for your personal growth and expansion.

It’s about revealing the stories you’re telling yourself (“I’m broke. Making money is hard.  Everyone else has [THIS THING] that helps them make money.  But I don’t.  So I can’t do it.”).  Then releasing them and building up newer, healthier mindsets that will truly serve you in living out your best life.

Mindset work is a recurring cycle of release/destruction and receiving/creation when it comes to your patterns of belief (and ultimately, the behaviors that you exhibit as a result of those beliefs).

Even more so, a mindset coach is someone who supports you in facilitating and guiding the process.  The way I like to put it, I can give you the ladder.  But you’re going to have to be the one to climb yourself out of the hole.

If you’re looking to do mindset coaching as a quick fix to your money struggles or a cash infusion in your life, this isn’t it.  BUT, you have found the place where you can work on allowing yourself to receive those.  Kinda, give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  Teach man to fish, he eats for life.


Two | You Float Around in Space Waiting for Shit to Happen

Mindset work isn’t about floating around, meditating, and waiting for shit to manifest in your life. 

To some, this idea sounds laughable because why would manifestation ever work?  That’s so woo woo.  Duh, you’ve got to hustle and burnout to make money.  There’s no such thing as easy money.

To others, it’s a godsend because thank god I don’t have to work hard for money anymore.  I just embody the frequency and it shows up and I don’t have to lift a finger?  I’m so exhausted and burnt out and tired of not getting what I deserve.  I can finally sit on my butt and shit’s gonna happen.

While seemingly on the opposite ends of the spectrum, both beliefs are victim mindsets.

Because these are each saying “life is so hard and mean to me so either (a) I have to bust my ass to get what I want because ain’t no one else gonna fucking do it for me or (b) l finally have a quick fix to all my woes and struggles and finally I don’t have to do anything anymore to get what I want.

(PS – I’ve been stuck in BOTH of these mindsets before myself)

In both cases, the believer is a victim to this cruel world instead of an empowered badass mothafucker who can create worlds, shift consciousness, and is deeply worthy of living their most free, spacious, and expansive life.

Mindset work isn’t about waiting for fairies to manifest millions into your bank account.  Or by listening to just the right sound waves that attract abundance and doing nothing else (although that can totally be a part of it).

Mindset work is about shifting your patterns of thought so that you can access the reality in which miracles happen on a regular basis, making money is energizing and fun, and you are a badass mothafucker here to live out your most purposeful and expansive life (while receiving and giving at great levels in the process).

You’re turning the tables to empower you the places that you actually have control and teaching you to surrender in the places that you don’t.  So each aspect of your life can thrive in the way that it was meant to.


Three | Mindset Work is Less Effective Than Pure Strategy

We’re trained to prioritize logic, reasoning, strategy, and proven methods.  Because they’re safe.   Trust me, I get it.  As a math major, there was always a “right” answer.  And it feels safe to live in a world where things can be instantly validated or put into an equation and get instant gratification that “it worked.”

Yet, this is just a system of belief.  Just as much as believing in faith and magic is a belief system.  We’re just taught that the mathematical system is “better” because we (on a societal level) spend so much time in our heads and less time in our intuition and our bodies. 

But what people often forget is their immense power, knowledge, and intuition that’s already residing within.  And we get reprogrammed to feel safer giving power to others and external things than simply trusting ourselves.

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve felt “stuck” on the next step, worked myself up into a tizzy about it, scoured the internet and asked experts for the answer, and started screaming to the heavens “but I don’t know what the next step is!”

Then, the moment I realign with my power and my truth, I get a MASSIVE clarity injection and think of 20 different things that I could do to move myself forward.  Not only that, but I get it all done unthinkably fast, allow myself to receive immensely satisfying amounts of money, relax deeper, and the cycle continues.

Don’t get me wrong.  There definitely is a time for logic and mathematical thinking.  But there’s also a time for aligning with your soul and trusting your intuition - even if there’s no logical reason for it.  And in my experience (and my clients’), the aligning and trusting your intuition is what lets you bend space and time and get results in unthinkable and magical ways.

Because logical reasoning sets a very narrow path.  It says X + Y + Z = RESULTS.  And that formula is the proven, most effective way (at least that’s the claim – again, just because it works doesn’t mean it’s the only way to make it happen).  With this restrictive mode of thought, there isn’t any room to receive other than through the designated process.

But the Universe doesn’t operate in the finite playing field of our mind.  The Universe (God, Source, Higher Power, etc.) is infinite, limitless, and beyond human comprehension.  So many times I’ve taken aligned action, then received results that weren’t even remotely directly related to the specific action steps that I took.  But my openness to receive and willingness to step up and contribute to my expansion showed the Universe that I’m ready AF to receive results in fun and unexpected ways.

Strategy is great, beautiful, effective, and fun.  But it’s not going to work if you’re closed off to receiving what you want at a deep, subconscious level.  Because you’ll be sabotaging yourself the whole way.

Mindset coaching creates the openness in your mind and heart to receive the money, love, creativity, and visibility that you desire (but are also afraid of).  And trust me that it’s a human experience.  Because it’s safe to stay where you are.  You’re doing it now.  You’re there.

But success?  Success that actually changes your life?  That means, well, your life is going to change.  And we can’t predict that change.  It’s an unknown – which our brains are biologically programmed to be afraid of.

So sure, mindset coaching isn’t going to give you “the most effective strategy to 10x your Instagram followers” or whatever people are freaking out about these days.  But it sure as heck will support your personal and spiritual expansion into being the person who actually allows him/herself to receive a large, engaged audience and can show up for them (whether that’s on the ‘gram, in person, or the next social media platform that you “have” to be on to be up with the times).

Is mindset coaching a good next step?

That being said, it comes back to the plane analogy.  Mindset coaching will not be the thing that you do to get results.  It will not carry you on its back from Denver to Paris.  More accurately, I definitely will not be doing that.  Probably because I’ll be stopping for too many snacks along the way and I’m five feet tall. 

However, mindset coaching WILL help you to create a reality that allows you to receive your desires in an easeful, aligned, fun way.  Because you won’t be blocking yourself and making things harder along the way.  It’ll help you build the plane that will get you to Paris.  Including snacks and a five-foot-tall flight attendant who will also eat your snacks…if you let me.

If you’re thinking that mindset coaching seems like the next aligned step in your journey of expansion, send me a message on Instagram and I’d love to chat!  Even if you’ve got more questions about the type of work involved, the physical machinations of how this all goes down, or how to choose the right coach for you, let yourself have a conversation with a real live human.  One who not only knows her sh*t when it comes to busting mindset blocks, but is also here to SERVE with soul purpose (and not someone who’s desperate for more clients.  Because yeesh, we’ve been in those conversations before and they’re NOT fun.)

(Or if you’re like…HELL YES, this is just the confirmation that I needed to move forward, check out my programs and apply to work together).

Here’s to 2019 being your year of ultimate expansion and limitless potential!  I’ll see you on that rad jet you’re building.

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