Master the Art of High Vibe Sales as a Soulful Entrepreneur

This is the second article in a two part series How to Manifest Clients When You Needed Them Like...Yesterday.

Be sure to read Part I FIRST to align your energy so that you can receive incredible sales opportunities!

When I say “salesman”, who do you picture in your head?  Maybe our favorite paper salesmen Jim and Dwight. Or a balding, sweaty car salesman chasing you down the parking lot desperate to close a sale.

Sales gets a bad rap because we associate it with desperation, sleaziness, manipulation, and coercion.

It’s no wonder that closing sales is one of the most common struggles for soul led entrepreneurs. But magnetizing your soulmate clients doesn’t have to feel like a chase or be drenched in the reeking odors of desperation and despair.

Actually, magnetizing your soulmate clients is about completely the opposite.  It’s about coming from a place of service, support, and love.

Whenever you act from a certain energetic space, you create results of the same.  So, if you’re trying to close sales from a place of scarcity, you’re going to perpetuate scarcity in your life.

Whereas if you enter sales conversations from a place of abundance and love, you will expand into more of the same.

Master the Art of High Vibe Sales as a Soul-Led Entrepreneur

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Once you’ve aligned your money mindset and have a killer offer, it’s time to spread the word and SELL.

I know that showing up and being seen might make your palms sweaty and your heart race. But again, you’re a badass business boss.

You are in business to serve and support others.  And the only way that you can do that is if you sell.

It’s an obligation of your soul to sell your gifts so that you can serve, support, and be supported (through receiving soulmate clients at soul-aligned rates).

These are the first steps that I recommend to all of my clients when they’re ready to manifest clients for a new offer.

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Connect With Your Current Network

The first piece of the selling process is plugging into your network.  Reach out to the people in your current network to reconnect.

To expand yourself as a receiving container, you must first allow yourself to receive what you already have.

Whenever I start my outreach process, I always have a additional people who reach out to me simultaneously.

The magic happens when you go out there and start tapping people on the shoulder.  You’re entering a new grid of connection. Naturally, people will start to tap you on the shoulder back.

The type of outreach will depend on the role that person has in your network.  These are three of my favorite ways to reconnect to my network:

  1. New program emails: These are individual emails to specific people I have in mind (not to emails to my list). I share that I have a new program with people who would either (a) be a good fit for it or (b) likely know people who are.  In this email, I open with a personal connection to check in and see how they are. Then, I share the big pieces of my program: what it’s about and who it serves.  Lastly, I ask if they would be interested to know more (if they’re a good fit) or if they know anyone who’s currently looking for a program like mine.  

    Additionally, I always wrap up by asking how I can support them (and I f*cking mean it).  Because we are all here to support each other. We might be able to go fast alone. But we always go far when we go together. I fully believe in having strong giving and receiving personal and business relationships.

  2. Coffee dates (virtual or in person): I love to reach out and schedule coffee dates with people who I’d love to reconnect with or get to know more.  Coffee dates are beautiful because they’re low-key and fun.

    Everyone is craving connection and support.  So more likely than not, people will be excited to hop onto a Zoom call or meet you at the local watering hole to catch up or learn more about each other.  And if not, that’s totally ok too. You’re allowing in the people who are excited to meet with you!

    In these coffee dates, I always like to ask how I can support the other person.  I also get super specific asking them about any programs they have out in case I know anyone that I can refer to them.  People always love to do the same in return.

    You’re building your network, developing referral relationships, talking to a live human being, and getting to sip on a cup of coffee that hasn’t been microwaved 5 times in that day.  I call that a WIN for sure!

  3. Free strategy sessions: Hear me out on this one if it makes you want to vomit.  Free strategy sessions are a great way to instantly get connected with people who are actively looking for your support.  A person only enters one if they want you.

    Now, trust me when I say that I understand the fear of being drained by energy vampires or freebie hunters.  I get it. But there are things that you can do to protect your energy and provide incredible value.

    First, be clear on your intention.  If you tell people that you’re offering free sessions and keep focusing on the free aspect, you’re going to attract people who only want free help.  

    Instead, be clear in your messaging that the sessions are for people who are considering next level support, want to hire a pro but aren’t sure if they’re ready, or something that shows that they’re serious about potentially working with you.  

    Then, I recommend including an application for the strategy sessions.  That way you have an opportunity to assess if they’re a good fit. In my application, I included a question asking if they’ve thought about hiring a coach so that I can see where they’re at in the process.

    For coaches, free coaching sessions are an obvious fit.  But for other service providers (copywriters, designers, systems strategists, etc), I recommend an audit.  Review their current content, show them areas to improve (aka your expertise), and recommended next steps (aka how you can work with them).

    At the end of these calls, I almost always recommend receiving higher level support from a pro.  And usually, my clients are feeling the need too. From there, I schedule a call with them within the next week (ideally 2-3 days) to chat about how we can work together. More on high-vibe sales convos that close below!

Master the Art of High Vibe Sales as a Soul-Led Entrepreneur

Get in Front of New People

This was one of the biggest “no duh” moments of my business.  I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting any more leads. But then I realized...I wasn’t doing any lead generating activities.


People are the conduits of money and opportunity.  Business owners have connected with people to grow their business since the dawn of man.

If you’re feeling like your lead pool is dried up, it’s time to start getting yourself in front of new audiences in high quality ways.

Go on podcasts, join Meetups with your ideal clients, do a joint live with a friend who offers complementary services, or whatever will get you in front of new people in a way that’s fun AND allows people to quickly get to know who you are, what you do, and who you serve.

Also, make sure to focus on the quality of people you’re getting in front of. Are they people who not only need your services, but they’re aware that they do and are ready/willing to invest?

From an energetic standpoint, showing up more is also a statement to the Universe that you’re ready for more.  Because you’re stepping up and growing - even if it’s uncomfortable AF. And the Big U will start sending ready, expansive people your way.

Master the Art of High Vibe Sales as a Soul-Led Entrepreneur

Practice Your Sales Conversations

Once your beautiful new leads are dying to know how to work with you, you’re going to have a sales conversation with them.  

Sales conversations are no different than any other conversation.  It’s two people talking about how they can work together in a way that feels amazing to both of you.

I know that it can be intimidating at first.  But that’s why I recommend practicing your conversations.  In the shower, in the car, pacing in your living room, practice talking about your program, what’s included, and checking in to see if they have any questions.

Also, practice saying the price out loud over and over and over again.

The investment is $X.  Actually, when you’re practicing, say double what it really is.  If you keep saying it’s $10k, when you tell the person it’s $5k, that’s going to feel like a deal and you’ll amplify that energy of incredible value.

Using your voice to say the words (and realizing that they’re just words) takes the power away from any misconceptions around sales and gives it back to you.

Not to mention, you’re literally speaking these conversations into existence.  You’re attracting your clients on a quantum level by having these pre-conversations with them.

Recommended Resource: Erin Lindstrom is one of my favorite humans on earth and I highly recommend her training on how to have high-vibe sales conversations.

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Mention Money Early in the Conversation

It can feel awkward to have a wonderful conversation, then get to the investment piece and clam up.

One sales tactic that I highly recommend is to mention money early in the conversation.  Ask them what their financial goals are, how much they’re expecting to make from the launch, or something else about the wealth that they’re creating.

Once they say that they’re going to make $200,000, investing at the $20,000 level is small by comparison.

Not to mention, you can mirror back how you believe it’s possible for them to make that $200,00 (with integrity - if you really do) which helps them feel more empowered as a wealth creator.

The more empowered your leads feel, the more confident they are going to be in making their decision to hire you.  And of course, we want our peeps to decide with integrity and confidence so that you truly know that you’re a good fit!

Master the Art of High Vibe Sales as a Soul-Led Entrepreneur

Ask for the Sale

I can’t tell you the number of times when I was first starting out that someone said “I want to work with you” and I said “cool!”  *grins awkwardly*


I felt so uncomfortable asking for the sale.  Even if that person was basically saying “please sell your services to me so that I can know how we can work together.”

Often times, the fear of asking for the sale stems from the belief that there’s something sinister about the exchange if money is involved.

When I ask my husband to pick up dinner on the way home, I’m selling to him

When I invite people to coffee, I’m selling to them.

When I tell people how to work with me, I’m selling to them.

We’re selling to people all the time on doing things for us and with us.  The only thing that’s “different” about your services is that money is involved.

Money is simply a material manifestation of energy.  You’re allowing an energetic exchange to happen.


“Selling means I’m taking money away from people” to “I allow myself to be supported by/receive from my incredible clients in our equal energetic exchange”.

Doesn’t that feel so much better?

It’s ok to let yourself be supported financially in relationships.  Allow it in.

Master the Art of High Vibe Sales as a Soul-Led Entrepreneur

Let Every Outcome Be a Win

We’re taught that if you close the sale, you succeeded.  If you didn’t, you failed.

When we’re so results oriented, we stifle our opportunity for growth and to receive in unexpected ways.

No matter what happens as a result, every sales call is a win.  Because you’re letting yourself grow and expand by hopping on the phone, having the (initially) uncomfortable conversation, getting better and better at them, and learning a f*ck to about yourself and your clients in the meantime.

If the lead says no, you have an opportunity to ask them what could make it a yes.  It’s powerful research if you allow yourself to ask the question. And sometimes, you might be able to even do what they’re asking for and make it a yes.

If the lead says maybe, you get to schedule a follow up call and learn even more about them and yourself.

If the lead says yes, you get to do the work of your soul and get paid generously for it.

Along the way, be process oriented and not results oriented.  

Journal about the experience as you do more and more sales calls.  What have you learned about yourself, your ideal (and non-ideal) clients, and the process of sales?  What really surprised you? What was unexpected? What delighted you and was way easier than you expected?

It’s all a grand experiment.  The more that you live as the experimenter, the more you get to receive the results that you desire.

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