My irresistible morning routine to come into alignment with ease

When I first started running my business from a place of alignment and flow, I felt a little awkward.  I was used to jumping out of bed and rushing to check email, social media, and stare into the soul of my number of followers, trying to extract some deeper meaning from them.

Naturally, this created the cycle of panic > hustle > hustle > hustle > wait impatiently > no results/slow results > panic > hustle > hustle > hustle.

What an exhausting way to live, right?  Enter the beauty of intuitive business.

My Irresistible Morning Routine to Come Into Alignment with Ease

Running my business from a place of alignment and flow was the best thing that ever happened to me.  It completely transformed my business and my life.

As a service provider, people are buying your energy and not your programs.  Think about it. Of all the other people out there who are doing what you do, there’s something about YOU that resonates with your clients.  

Logically, we like to think that it might be our pricing, our signature moves, our work.  And I’m not dismissing the value of the work you offer or the way you’ve streamlined and refined your systems like a sexy date night dress.

But what really, it’s YOU that your clients are buying.  They simply adore you and find you irresistible. Plain and simple.

You are the greatest asset in your business because you are your business.

Which means your number one job is NOT to do your work, book clients, market like a madwoman, share social media posts, create content, or anything of those kind of things.  It’s to nurture your energy.

Because if you don’t exist in your truest, purest, greatest state, your business can’t either.

Which is why the first thing I do in the morning is come into alignment.  Fringe benefit, creating content is so much easier when you’re in flow because you’re so damn inspired.  And anything that you create from a space of alignment and flow is saturated with the frequency of truth, which magnetically draws in abundance.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing that I ask myself is what does my soul need today?  What sounds fun? What would I like to do right now?

To be totally honest (because I always am with you), I usually wake up, go to the bathroom, the change out the cat food/water and clean the litter boxes (a cat care mini-routine inside of my morning routine).

Then I grab a glass of water, sit down on the couch, take a moment to look outside and experience the peacefulness.  I remind myself that everything is as it’s meant to be. If there are any fears bubbling up, I send them love and gratitude.  I thank them for trying to protect me. But I let them know that I will tend to their concerns after my alignment practice.

I start of coming into alignment by consuming a piece of inspiring content.  This might be watching a video, listening to an audio training or visualization, reading a book, or meditating.  It depends on the day. If I’m not sure what to start with, I’ll ask myself what sounds the most fun.

Usually, that piece of content will get my creative juices flowing.  So I start to journal. I collect, create, and store journal prompts like a madwoman. 

My approach to marketing is also dramatically different than what you’ll find in Bob’s 3-step system to flawless marketing.  I’m a firm believer in sharing it all. Share the celebrations when things are good. Open up about the rough spots things aren’t good.  Show up as nothing less than 100% you every day. Because people are craving realness. And when you show up as totally you, you make a soul connection with others.

In honor of soul truth, I often turn my journal response from the day into all of my marketing material.  From my juicy soul note to my email list to a couple of Instagram posts, my journal responses only come from a place of truth.  They’re unedited, unfiltered, and totally real.

In a mere 2 hours, I do all of the “bare minimum” work of running my business.  

I come into alignment, share my message, and sell (I always include a CTA for what I’m currently promoting in my juicy emails to offer my amazing tribe an opportunity to work further with me).

From there, I usually hang out a little bit.  Watch some Netflix, pet my cats, record some IG stories.  Then I might have coaching calls with my amazing Coalition ladies or grab lunch with some other coaching friends.

But that’s seriously my day.  Inspiring others, transforming lives (including my own), and getting paid to live and breathe as my truest self. That’s the power of the aligned and inspired woman!

If you’d love a juicy audio visualization to help you get in flow, definitely download a copy of my Inspiration Ignition Visualization.  And if your soul says, HECK YES and it’s craving more, be sure to join my list to get soul notes and love from me right into your inbox.

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