Oscillate: My 2018 Word of the Year

How many times have you told yourself that you need balance in your life?  

After a hectic week of working waaaay too much you say that next week will be better.  Or after a few days of zero motivation and watching Youtube videos on how to make baked falafel you say “oh yeah, I’m gonna get so much more done starting Monday.”

Yup, I’ve totally been there, too.  Youtube healthy cooking videos are my new side obsession.  Somedays, you work 16 hours and forget to eat.  Otherdays, watching chickpeas in a food processor is about all that you’re going to get done.

Yet, after each one of these “extremes,” we tell ourselves that we’re going to “be better” and have a better work life “balance.”  But really, what does that mean?  And what does that even look like?

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Balance is about as real as a Unicorn

When I was in college, I started my blog, attended classes, and worked at Starbucks part-time.  Then, I started my corporate job and hustled away at building my business in the mornings, nights, and weekends.

I craved balance and stability.  I was tired of switching gears and having insanely productive weeks and then weeks where I could do next to nothing.  

It was all hustle or a complete vegetative state.  There was no in-between!  You feel me?

But as I continued to want balance, I also realized that I wasn’t doing anything to make that happen.  Why?  Because I was actually benefiting from the lack of balance.

My productive weeks pushed me to make massive amounts of progress in my business and slay my to-do list like a productivity queen.  While my lazy days forced me to take a step back from my business and helped me fall back in love with it after a week of exhaustion.

Balance doesn’t exist.  It’s about as real as a unicorn...Or a unicorn frappuccino that doesn’t make baristas cry.  Especially when your work is so deeply a part of you, your purpose, and how you operate with others and the world.

Making the Most of the Extremes

When I read this post from Ashlyn Carter about how she wants to operate from a place of rest in her business, everything fell into place.  And she said that “magic happens in the extremes.”

Boy, did that resonate with me.

Here’s to the bolts of inspiration mid-shower, right before bed, and while walking in the grocery store.

Here’s to the 16-hour days where you got more done in a day than you did all last week.

Here’s to the time completely away from your business and the time completely embedded in your business that made you love it more than you thought you could.

I don’t want balance anymore.  Instead, I want to oscillate between the extremes and learn how to be the best boss and person that I can be in those zones.

2018 is the year that I will maximize the heck out of my times of hustle and capitalize on that explosive productivity.  I want to make sure that the energy and work that I put into my business is always contributing to my why and propelling myself forward.

But this is also the year that I will accept and even embrace times of rest.  I won’t be so cruel to myself when I can’t produce.  I will let myself breathe and learn how to rest and nourish myself.

Being a boss isn’t just about getting things done and having the best strategy.  You also have to be the best person that you can be for your business to thrive.

That’s why 2018 is the year that I will oscillate.

What’s your word of the year and how do you plan to make it happen in 2018?

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