Tackling Self Doubt and Feeling Like a Sell Out When Transitioning to a B2B Business

I won’t lie.  My only other business was a financial failure.

I bled money every month to maintain systems that I thought I needed.  My launches were less than impressive from a monetary standpoint.

Often, we follow business strategists because they’ve beautifully mastered their rags to riches stories.  You hear it all the time....

“How I grew my Instagram following from 0 to 5,000 followers in two months”

“Creating a multi-six-figure business in two years”

“How I built my 7-figure online empire”

Naturally, we’re attracted to these beautiful tales with the hopes of making them our own.  We’re drawn into the glow of their results and pray that even just a nugget of their success can trickle into our own results.  

(And if sharing their success helps one more entrepreneur achieve their own, then more power to these rockin’ boss babes. Totally not saying these are bad methods for the teacher or the student.)

But the moment I decided to niche down to fellow creative entrepreneurs, I immediately felt like an imposter.

I didn’t have massive success in my income, Instagram followers, or email marketing tactics.  I slaved away at my business, dumped money into it, and prayed that I would find “success.”  Whatever that actually meant for me...I had no idea!

But after over two and a half years of floundering, I decided to close the doors on my first business.  And actually, I decided to shut it down right when I felt like I had a decent footing.

Niching down to peers vs. a new audience was terrifying.  I thought maybe I should hide my failure.  I wondered will anyone take me seriously?  Am I selling out by moving to B2B?  Do I even have the creds for this?

But because I so deeply feared sharing my story, I knew that I absolutely HAD to tell it.

Are you feeling frustrated with your business?  Are you desperate for profits, doubting yourself, and even starting to resent your audience?

You’re in good company, my friend.  Because I truly get the struggle.  And I don’t want you to feel taken for granted, used up, or inadequate any longer.

Time to get real and talk heart-to-heart.  You bring the coffee and I’ll bring the cookies.

Self Doubt and Feeling Like a Sell Out When Transitioning to a B2B Business

In my previous business (Be Simply It), I finally refined my ideal audience to a woman I coined as “The Natural Giver.”  Basically, a woman whose first instinct was to give to others before even considering giving to herself.

Realizing my ideal audience was a complete game-changer because I could fine tune my message. I started weeding out the low-quality pity people (comes with the “self help” territory) and I started connecting with my real peeps on a genuine and loving level.

I created guides on confidence, a free mini-course on self love, learned to write high value blog posts, and ohhh how I loved writing my newsletters.  

I am passionate in showing women how to own their value and prioritize themselves.  Because teaching this to giving women enables them to give that much more to those around them.  It’s a chain-reaction of empowerment.

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It started with a launch

Once I started to feel like I was on the brink of connection (even with a small audience), I decided to launch my first group program - Spark Your Confidence.  

I priced it quite low with a group coaching and self paced option in order to simply get people in the door.  I thought that if I could get my first few students and change their lives, then I could snowball into higher prices to charge the true value and learn how to structure my programs in the future.

By the end of my launch, I had 4 students.  One close friend (who I gifted the program to) and three students…from my business mastermind.

At first, I was disappointed.  I couldn’t understand that no one from my “normal audience” bought.  I thought I was doing so well!  

How could I have not made a single sale from someone I didn’t already work with?

But after some time, I was thrilled to have a group of women in the door who (a) I already knew and adored and (b) were willing to pay for my program - regardless of whether they were in my “normal” audience.

In one way, the launch was a success.  The students who did enroll were exactly the types of people I wanted to work with.  The types of students who I connect with on a personal level, love spending time with, and believe in paying for value.

On the other hand...I felt like a total failure because I wasn’t able to show the other people in my audience that I could provide value to them that was worth paying for.

 Then, the worst thing happened.  And I’m going to be totally honest with you even though I’m terrified to publish this.

...I started to resent my audience.

No, not individual members.  But I felt a frustration of “I give so much to them!  Not a single person values my content enough to buy something even at a reasonable price point!”

Did they do anything wrong? No!  Did they deserve my frustration?  No!  (Not that I took it out on them).  Did I want to feel this way at all?  No, no, no, a million times no!

Now, we can dig into all the shit as to why that happened, how it’s my responsibility as a business owner to teach them my value, why I shouldn’t have taken it personally, etc. etc.

But REALLY - the number one thing I realized was that I need to change something.  Because this feeling of resentment and frustration wasn’t just with my audience.  But with myself and my business overall.  

While on a call with my biz bestie, I asked her “part of me wants to focus on working with fellow creative entrepreneurs, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that.  I’m not sure if I’m legit enough to do it”  At least, that was the short version.  I was spewing words at her for quite some time.  

And her response was surprisingly short (at least to me).  But it was the best thing she could have said.

"Niching down is never a bad idea."

I started going crazy in my head.  I felt like I wasn’t READY for working with fellow creatives - like I didn’t have the value in me to be worth paying for a service.

I was waiting for my rags to riches story to give me permission to work with entrepreneurs.

But after a few days of mulling, stewing, and venting, I asked myself WHY.  Why am I in business?  WHY do I want to be an online entrepreneur more than anything in the world?

Because I believe it’s the best way that I will be able to positively contribute to the betterment of humanity.  And I believe that our personal fulfillment is the most precious currency we will ever own.  

If I can show ONE woman how to be rich in fulfillment by believing in herself, knowing how to take care of herself and prioritize her needs, AND focus on leading a purposeful life, then I have executed my life mission.

It doesn’t matter if that woman is a creative entrepreneur, side hustler, full time creative, financially successful, or ANY demographic - as long as she has big dreams to change the world and is ready to start putting those into action.

By showing that ONE woman how to live her most fulfilled life, she’s going to liberate the other women in her life to do the same.  And we’re going to ignite a chain reaction of empowerment and change.

No, you’re not a sell-out if you’re thinking of transitioning from B2C to B2B - as long as you are driven with purpose.  And as long as you do it to help others and give to others.

Your talents, skills, and experience give you a perspective on life that no other human has ever or will ever have.  And that is VALUABLE.  It’s your unique match that can ignite the greatest of aha! moments and inspire the biggest of change in your world.

If you happen to use it to change the life of a fellow creative entrepreneur, then do it with passion, purpose, and complete confidence in yourself.  Because you were meant to leave a legacy.  And you were meant to share it.

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