The 3 Things You Need for a Massively Profitable & Deeply Soulful Business of Purpose

So much of the coaching industry lures people in with the glitz and the glam.  And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with money or luxury (don't get me wrong, I love both!), there's so many of us out there using our business to channel our soul purpose.

But how do you bridge the gap between attracting unlimited wealth AND creating a deeply soulful business that lights you up, fills your soul, and energizes you every day?

The 3 Things You Need for a Massively Profitable & Deeply Soulful Business of Purpose

Sometimes it feels like we're living in RENT.  You are either money obsessed and put profit over people or you're a starving artist and there's no in between.

Funny enough, nurturing your soul and attracting wealth both stem from the same place and they're not as disconnected as they seem.  In this live replay, I cover the 3 things you need to cultivate a massively profitable and deeply soulful business of purpose.  

And you might just be surprised to find out that they all come from the same place!

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One | A Deep Sense of Purpose

Amazing things happen when you allow your purpose to flourish within your business.  More specifically, when you allow your business to be a channel through which your purpose flows.  

Like a water filtration plant, energy flows through your business as you cleanse and purify it (your energy, your clients, and money).  Anything that you create and any action you take from a deep place of service is saturated with that energy and carries throughout The Universe - from emails to blog posts to your signature programs.

Your purpose is a divine gift from The Universe.  So The Universe is always conspiring FOR you to further use that purpose and impact more and more lives with it.  It will always bring you just the right clients who need your message in the most magical ways.  Which is why it's so important to have faith!

Additionally, using your business as a way to channel your purpose makes selling that much easier.  Because selling becomes serving.  Your products, services, and programs are ways for people to deepen their relationship with you and with themselves (through your work).  You want to sell your programs for a deeper space of knowing how much good they'll do in the world and how much they will serve people.  Selling from that positive space is infectious and always shines through!

Action Step: Journal on if there was anything you could wish for you client, what would that be?  If you could wave a magic wand and alleviate their pain, what would you want it to take away and what would you want it to add?

Two | A Healthy Money Mindset

As I mention in the video, a healthy money mindset is often misconstrued as a weapon against prospective clients by many coaches.  This is one of the five red flags you should definitely notice before ever working with a coach!

A healthy money mindset doesn't just mean "act rich" so spend money frivolously and rack up massive amounts of debt because you "trust" that the money is going to show up.  Rather, a healthy money mindset means you know when to invest in yourself from a place of love versus not investing from a place of fear.  For example...

Healthy money mindset: "I'm going to invest in this program as a means to stretch my belief in myself and because I believe that being in this space will further my development.  I choose to now trust and believe full faith that the money will show up for me." - aligns with love & faith

Unhealthy money mindset: "I'm going to invest in this program because this coach says that if I don't trust in this program it means that I'm giving into my lack mindset and I'll never make another dollar again if I don't do this." - aligns with fear

Healthy money mindset: "I choose to not give into FOMO and not invest in this program because it truly doesn't feel like the right fit for me." - aligns with love & faith

Unhealthy money mindset: "I'm not going to invest in this program (even though my soul calls me to) because it's just too expensive and I need to save and wait for the money to show up first." - aligns with fear  

Additionally, having a healthy mindset means that you choose your frequency regardless of the external circumstances.  You define that you are a woman of wealth and abundance no matter what the bank account looks like.  Choose your identity and claim it as your birth right.  You are a roaring, self-sustaining fire.  Not a flickering flame on a candle that gets snuffed out at any wind.

Choose wealth.  Choose abundance.  Choose love and faith over fear.

Three | The Act of Surrender

The trees grow.  The planets orbit.  The rain falls.  For literally billions of years, universal force has managed to create solar systems, galaxies, worlds, and life.

Think of the amazing intricacies that go into the process of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.  Or how a seedling turns into a might oak.  Change and expansion is a natural part of existence.  And life sure as hell has perfected the art.

But still, we fool ourselves into thinking we have ANY control over it all.  It's absurd! 

Magic happens when you surrender the needs to control how things work out.  When you trust full faith that everything is already working out for you.  Because you're living out your God given purpose.  Of course The Universe is going to always support you when you live with intention and purpose.

In the live video, I cover three ways that you can 'release the hows' - inspired by a question from one of my clients.  Another way to look at the relationship between these components is that trust is the cake.  The evidence file is the icing further bonding things together.  And the community is the decorations that add to a truly rich and beautiful experienced. 

The most amazing thing about these three things?  They all come from within.  You don't need anything external to create the business and life of your wildest dreams.  It all comes from YOU.

Remember your magic, babe!  And always, always trust yourself and trust soul.  Your intuition will guide you to exactly where you need to be.



Enroll in the free 5-day email course Money Magnet