The Top 3 Things that Skyrocketed My Confidence in Business

The Top 3 Things That Skyrocked My Confidence in Business

After only 6 months in my corporate job, I knew that 9-5 life was not for me.  Opening my inbox in the morning made me want to smash my face on the keyboard.  I quickly felt myself spiraling into a cube shaped depression.

So I took the biggest leap of my life and left my cushy corporate job to start my brand new business.  I was determined to exchange the dream of power heels for power yoga pants; even if it meant completely starting from scratch.

I closed the doors on my previous self care and confidence side hustle and made a dramatic transition to business coaching.  All after I had already given my notice.

In a whirlwind of a few weeks, I launched Melanie St. Clair and dove straight into full time entrepreneurship.  Here’s a quick look at my stats when I decided to make the change:

  • 0 email list subscribers

  • 0 Instagram followers

  • 0 blog posts

  • 0 client leads

  • 1 insanely supportive fiancé

  • 4 amazing and inspiring biz besties

Seriously, we all start at the same place. Don’t let the numbers get you down!

Now, those last two bullet points are exactly why I was able to make such a dramatic switch in such little time and still feel balls out confident in myself, my mission, and my brand.

But before I dive into more about me, I have a few important words for you, my friend!  

I know that you have so much to offer the world. You’ve got a great vision for how you want things to change and maybe even see how you fit into that change.

Without confidence and wholehearted belief in yourself, even the best business strategies won’t get you very far.  You have to believe at your very core that you are capable, powerful, and worthy if you want your business to truly take flight and flourish.

It’s time that the world knew your talents. No more shrinking and pretending you’re not good enough, smart enough, or special enough to be a rocking business owner. You’ve got this. Seriously.

These are the top 3 things that skyrocketed my confidence in business.  And I hope they empower you to own your kind of awesome today!

Believe in the Power of People

As a solopreneur, it’s easy to think you have to go it alone.  You’re the only person in your business.  You’re wearing all the hats.

You’re the CEO, marketing manager, copywriter, content creator, and face of your business.  Between working on your business (strategy, direction, mission, etc.) and working in your business (writing emails, blog posts, showing up on social), you’re juggling the work of 10+ people at once.

You the real MVP, beautiful boss brains!

Now, I have to tell you something.  And it’s meant with all the love and support in the world.

Even though you’re the most amazing human ever and all I want to do is grab tacos and margs with you, you’re actually not good at everything.

Yup, that’s right.  But before you're too taken aback, let me say that ARE astoundingly good a small set of things.  Whether that’s

  • the beautiful photography skills you’ve cultivated over the years

  • the way to make website coding actually easy

  • or the big time breakthroughs you can bring your clients (or even friends and family) when you give them amazing advice

there’s no one on earth who compares to you!

We, as individuals, are not good at everything.  And yes, we can educate ourselves and practice to cultivate our weaknesses.  

But rather than focus on what doesn’t come naturally to us, I argue that it’s more valuable for us to highlight our strengths.  Then, instead of building up our weaknesses, we can surround ourselves with other people whose strengths are exactly what we need to be whole.

You weren’t meant to go it alone.  I know it can feel safe to hide behind your keyboard; to lurk on Instagram, admiring others but being too afraid to touch it else it will break.

It’s scary to reach out to other people because they seem “too big” to talk to you or “they have it all together.”  But at the end the day, they’re human too.  And what do all humans crave?  


The power of people is the secret ingredient to your awaiting success.

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3 Things that Skyrocketed My Confidence in Business

One | Mastermind it up

My mastermind was the first space to get me totally hooked on connection.  We met through Think Creative Collective’s program Rock Your Biz as a part of our accountability group.  

As a group of like-minded women from varying industries, we supported one another through tough times, brainstormed ideas (bringing our unique strengths to the table), and made ourselves feel finally “legit.”

Knowing that I had a small tribe there for me and these amazing women who totally believed in me showed me the power in believing in myself.  Which also showed me how much we can accomplish when we work together.  As a bonus, they loved the way I set up the mastermind which only fueled my confidence levels as a group facilitator.

My mastermind was the key to bringing #communityovercompetition to life and truly feeling what it’s like to be a part of tribe of women who get me, value me, and understand the unique struggles of being an online entrepreneur.  Btw, all things you get inside The Purposeful Creative!

Community - true community, not just FB groups that promise community but don’t really foster connection - is one of the best things you can find for yourself and your business.  I recommend calling upon likeminded people in Facebook Groups to find 3-4 others to start your own group.  Or you get all of this set up for you and facilitated by me for 5-weeks in The Purposeful Creative!

Two | Doing the Work

Might sound obvious, right?  But actually putting yourself out there and doing the work you want to do has tremendous effects on your confidence.  Because instead of *thinking* you’re a great photographer or *assuming* you’d be a fantastic coach, you’re actually going to BELIEVE it.

The moment you get into the rhythm with your model or bring on the breakthrough aha! moments with your client, you’re going to feel a difference in yourself and your work.  There’s hard evidence that you are in fact good at what you do.  

Because we can sit here all day and shower you with compliments, but you’re really going to feel it, believe it, and embody the fact that you are a force of sheer awesome when you get out there and make the magic happen.

If you’re just starting out, you can provide mini-versions of your services in exchange for discounted prices and testimonials.  Or better yet, exchange your services with someone else and write testimonials for each other.  Not only are the testimonials social proof for others, but you can keep them in a “Good Words” file for yourself to brush up on in times of doubt.

Use with Caution: Don’t go out there and give away yourself and your talents for free.  If you want to be a legit business woman, you have to act like it.  So treat yourself and your services like they are valuable (because they are!).  Always make sure there is something you get in return and make sure that you feel like it’s a fair exchange.

Three | My Special Fry Flavor

Your special fry flavor is what sets you out from the crowd.  It’s the combination of your industry perspectives and personality.  

Knowing my special fry flavor truly showed me that there isn’t anyone else out there doing what I’m doing.  Sure, there are other B2B entrepreneurs showing business owners how to run a heart-centered business or find their why or be fueled with purpose.  But there’s nobody out there with the unique combination of every set of values and beliefs that I have.

Similarly, there’s no one out there with my personality.  Plain and simple!  Being your true self is one of the greatest assets you have in business.  Because people connect to people - not personalityless brands, not services alone, not business advice alone.  They want to know who you are as a real person, feel like they can grab tacos and margaritas with you, and care about you like they care about their friends and family.

If you don’t believe me, think about some of the big names you love in the industry.   Jenna Kutcher is known for being her authentic self, sharing her real life and not just the highlights, and being your go-to for body image and super real relationship advice.  

Emylee Williams of Think Creative Collective shares all sorts of pieces of her parenting journey as an adoptive mama, her love of chili mocha, deep hatred of pumpkin spice, and struggles with being an artist.  

Ashton Long of the Authentic Woman is my latest Insta bestie and offers herself freely to build true friendships, share her coffee addiction, and cheer you on for every milestone.

These amazing women have truly mastered their special fry flavor and know how to show up as their real selves every single day.  Plus, how much of a relief is it to know that showing up as you is finally freaking enough?

Learn all about how to unlock your special fry flavor in this blog post.

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