What it Really Means to be an Aligned Visionary Entrepreneur

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It was December 26th, 2004 when the earth erupted.  

An earthquake from the Indian Ocean sent monstrous waves crashing through the world.  The water swept away beaches, communities, homes, and people alike as the world mourned for its loss.

My aunt and cousin flew over India at the time of the tsunami; not realizing they would say goodbye to more than their vacation.  At 10-years-old, I watched the news with wide eyes as entire neighborhoods were lost with a single rush of water.

And I wondered how do we help these people?

The idea struck and before I knew it, I was asking my then-pastor for support.  We gathered others in the church and decided to run a bake sale.  A simple business model.  $1 per home baked treat and all proceeds went to the Red Cross.

By the end of the bake sale, we raised over $500.  Not too shabby for an idea from a 10-year-old’s brain.  I had never seen that much money in my life - let alone given it to someone else.

In a matter of hours, the idea transformed from thought to action.  

There wasn’t a single thing holding me back from my vision.  No “oh, you can’t help because you’re only 10” or “they’re half way across the world, you won’t have an impact” or “you aren’t worthy to step up.”

Truthfully, there wasn’t much that I could do as a 4th grader in the United States to help the world recover, these countries rebuild, or families mourning their loss.  In the face of such massive devastation, $500 wasn’t going to go very far. 

But I still believed in the power of my community and our ability to make some contribution to helping our brothers and sisters across the world.  And I didn’t for a single moment question if I was significant enough to make a difference.

All I felt was a call to serve others and a deep connection to my vision.  At 10-years-old, I knew exactly what the power of an aligned and inspired woman was.  When we operate from a place of alignment and clarity, we are utterly unstoppable.

Alignment is growing more and more in popularity these days.  But what does it truly mean to run a business from a place of alignment?

Alignment means having every fiber of your being working towards the same vision. 

Your vision, mindset, message, daily actions, beliefs, desires, and more all working in tandem to bring the same dream to life.

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As visionary women, we’ve always had this power within us.  Remember when you were a child and there were no limits to your imagination?  You truly believed with every part of you that you were meant for great things and you could accomplish anything that you set your mind to.

It’s when we have the rest of the world telling us that we dream too big, it’s not realistic, we should be more practical, or that you aren’t enough that we start to lose alignment with our truest selves.

The aligned and inspired woman inside of you has great dreams, visions, and desires.  She craves a life of deep purpose and meaning.  She’s ready to transform lives (including her own).  And she’s utterly unstoppable when it comes to making all her wildest desires and dreams her reality.

For the aligned and inspired woman, achieving her greatest dreams is as simple as walking across the room and watching them manifest in her reality.

Yet, we’ve lost touch with her.  We hide away the divine magic within us a feminine beings, forces of nature, and visionary women.

But how?  How did we cage away the sheer magic and power within us?

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When we started to believe that who we are isn’t enough.

Not enough to step into the truest version of ourselves.  Not enough to shine brightly.  Not enough to enjoy pleasure without pain.

Over the years, the outside world constantly bombarded us with the message that we aren’t enough.  That we shouldn’t be too bright because it will make others uncomfortable.  That we should be more practical because you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment.  That we aren’t significant enough to make a difference as one person.

Well, my visionary friend.  I’m here to say it’s time for us to shovel out the bullshit in our minds, hearts, and souls that’s preventing us from stepping into the truest version of ourselves.  The aligned and inspired woman.

You don’t need any over-complicated strategy to create a business that fuels your dream life.  No three step blueprint to success to reach the income goals of your dreams.  You don’t need to validate yourself with growing numbers because you and your message are worthy whether you have five, fifty, five thousand, or five million followers.

There are so many B2B businesses that thrive off of our insecurities.  They say that their strategy, secret, formula, blueprint is the only way to unlock success.

But I’m here, living and breathing today to tell you that you don’t need ANYONE to create the life of your dreams but yourself. You have all of the power and magic within you to make your dream life your immediate reality.

No course, program, coach, strategy, or system will save you.

It’s your destiny as a visionary woman to change lives (including yours), inspire others, and dream big.

Don’t let those big dreaming muscles wither away in the darkness.  Those dreams, cravings, and desires are your greatest gift.  It’s the rest of the world that’s scared of big dreams.  But I’m here to tell you than your biggest dreams and wildest hairbrained ideas are welcome here with me.  Because once you let go of the beliefs, insecurities, and fears that aren’t serving you, you’ll feel the weight released from your ankles.  And before you know it, you’re rising straight to the stratosphere.

You were meant to live with your head in the clouds, my big dreaming friend.  You were meant to live out every day of your life as the truest version of you.

Alignment = (mindset + desires + heart + soul + vision)

(alignment)x(swift, intention action)x(every day) = life of your dreams

What does it really mean to run your business from a place of alignment?  Showing up every day as the woman who’s desires, dreams, and vision have already happened.  And before you know it, all of your dreams will be right there before you as your new reality.

To living your most aligned + inspired life!

Your friend,

Melanie St. Clair

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