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How to Release Limiting Beliefs with Perfectly Crafted Affirmations

How do you actually start to allow in ease, flow, and abundance into your life and business in a effective and easeful way?

By releasing limiting beliefs in your subconscious through the power of affirmations.

Today on the Authentic Woman blog, I’m share how to craft affirmation that don’t make you want to throw up in your mouth when you read them. But how to shake you to your core with truth kinda affirmations.

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Manifest Faster and Easier with These Two Secret Ingredients

You’ve set the intention, asked for the support, embodied the energy of what it’s like to have what you desire, but for some reason…

…it’s still not manifesting.

Patience is a key piece of the manifestation process - as impatience clogs your openness to receive.

But what if you know what you want and you wanted it yesterday? You’re so f*cking ready to receive and you’d like to supercharge the process.

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How to Sell as a Soul-Led Entrepreneur When You Aren’t Salesy

You love doing the work that you do.  But sometimes, the business side of things make you want to throw up in your mouth.

Yes, you’re an entrepreneur.  You’re not about working for someone else and deeply crave the freedom and impact that you get when working for yourself.

But that also means that you’re your #1 salesperson.  You don’t have Jim and Dwight there to harass your leads.

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The 3 Things You Need for a Massively Profitable & Deeply Soulful Business of Purpose

So much of the coaching industry lures people in with the glitz and the glam.  And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with money or luxury (don't get me wrong, I love both!), there's so many of us out there using our business to channel our soul purpose.

But how do you bridge the gap between attracting unlimited wealth AND creating a deeply soulful business that lights you up, fills your soul, and energizes you every day?

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