Allow yourself to expand with grace and ease


I know how it feels when you’ve outgrown your life. You’re agitated, frustrated, and on edge. Which is weird because it’s so dramatically different from how you normally truly are.

You’re feeling so out of alignment and resenting it. What’s even worse is that you don’t know what’s going on or how to fix it.

It’s because you’re expanding, friend. THIS is ascension.

But wait, Melanie. Isn’t this whole personal growth thing supposed to be fun and rewarding?

Of course! Yes, it totally is. But it can also be messy AF. Right now, you’re feeling contraction because your expanding beyond your previous level. It’s like wearing a shirt that’s three sizes too small. It’s tight, restrictive, and uncomfortable.

But in order to get that new shirt that fits you perfectly and hugs your curves like it’s nobody’s business, you have to take that one off and select a new one. Which can be a pretty vulnerable, confusing, and overwhelming experience.

Which is exactly where I step in.

I’m here to support you - a woman on the rise - in guiding you through your expansion with ease. Like giving you context as to why you’re feeling snippy AF for “no reason”, asking you exploratory questions to filter out the noise and access true desire, and inject massive clarity to see where it is you’re actually going.

And I’m HONORED to offer a limited number of spots for visionary women like yourself to receive high-level support and guidance in your expansion.

If you’re a visionary woman on the rise, experiencing ascension like you never have before, and ready AF for some additional support, guidance, and love in the process, I invite you to apply below to hop on a FREE 60-minute strategy session with me. These spots are for high-level work and receive my fullest attention and support - hence why they are by application only.

Apply below and if it seems like we’re an excellent fit, I’ll reach out to you with a scheduling link!

Here’s to your limitless expansion, friend! To the woman on the rise!


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