Helping women come back home to themselves
If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.
— Maya Angelou
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Are you ready to unleash your legacy?

You’re meant for more in this life than going through the motions. You feel it in your bones. You know that you have the power and magic within to leave a legacy and make a mark on this world.

But the day-to-day feels far from it.

Sure, you committed to building a business. It’s a bold step that not everyone is courageous enough to make. You’re grateful everyday that you’re not chained to a desk and withering away in a corporate job. However, you also know that you were meant for more than where you’re at.

Because really…

➳ You spend so much time/energy focusing on “just the next sale” that you can’t really get your visionary on (at least not as much as you’d like)

➳ When you close your eyes, you feel your vision like it’s right there in front of you. But once you’re back to reality, you’re left wondering…but how do I make that happen?

➳ You know that you’re playing small and it’s frustrating AF. But it feels like your life and business don’t have the grounding and infrastructure to support you fully at the next level - even if the expansion did happen.

➳ And if we’re being REALLY honest, you’re scared. You’re scared about what will happen if you step up, boldly take up space, be seen, and shine brightly. You recognize that these are “limiting beliefs.” But how do you get rid of them? Even more, how do get rid of them when a small part of you feels comfortable holding onto them because well, it feels safer to stay small. Even if you don’t like that part of you still feels that way.

At the end of the day, you’re left thinking, “I can start to dream big once I hit the small goals/make the money/have the time.” But there’s a piece of you who also knows that’s bullshit. Because that “right time” is here and now.

So how do you even start to leave your legacy when you’re overwhelmed, scared, and frankly, underpaid (in time and money)?


Well, here’s the thing. It’s not a question of HOW…but a question of WHO.


The answer, my friend?


If you’re furiously nodding with me, then you, my legacy, are in the right place.
(keep reading + growing)

↡ ↡ ↡

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Introducing the


The Legacy Sisters are a coalition of bold women entrepreneurs who fiercely desire deep connection, transformative healing, and ultimate expansion.  We are here to leave a mark on this world in the precious time we have with unstoppable determination and limitless potential.

We’ve walked the path of doing it alone.  And we’re over it.
Because we know that going it alone doesn’t make you stronger. By coming together, WE RISE.

Together, we are raising the frequency of the planet, bearing witness to each other’s transformations, and cultivating unstoppable bravery in our minds, hearts, and souls.  All while experiencing deep soul connection, having happy-laugh tears turn to tears of release and healing, and receiving a tribe of fierce legacies to support your expansion.


Because you know what happens when you receive high-level support for your expansion?

⤐ You can release old patterns and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck where you are

⤐ Money shows up because you can confidently and lovingly ask for the sale at an enormously satisfying price point that serves you AND your client

⤐ Developing yourself and who you are gets to be your #1 job

⤐ You STOP getting entangled in the drama of the day-to-day (people pleasing, overthinking, the money struggle) and START flowing through your expansion quickly with ease (making decisions quicker/easier, taking fast aligned action, following the momentum)

⤐ ALL areas of your life benefit because YOU are growing, expanding, giving, and receiving at the levels that are ALIGNED with your legacy blood

If your soul is breaking free at the sound of these words, soaring to the skies, and screaming “HELL YES,” then keep reading, friend.  And be ready for the most expansive, thrilling ride of your life.

Because it’s time for you to rise, LEGACY. 


What We Stand For

Mission & Purpose

We are here to serve, heal, and transform.  Our businesses began with a seed of purpose and blossomed into a garden of service.  We aren’t just here to live a life of day-in, day-out. We’re here to revolutionize a movement and leave a legacy.

Hunger for Bravery

Awaken the badass warrior woman inside of you who’s been waiting to unleash and kick ass.  We know that pursuing your purpose and allowing yourself to take up space in this world isn’t always easy.  But we’re hungry for the chance to step up, for the chance to be brave, and to continually prove to ourselves that our only limitation is what we allow ourselves to be and receive.

Liberation & Expansion

We are caging ourselves no longer.  It’s time to break open the bubble, spread our wings, and soar.  No more hiding. No more playing small. No more letting old belief systems imprison you.  Now, you rise.

Fun & Free Spirits

We take our purpose seriously and ourselves less so.  The more fun we have, the more money we make. The more we laugh, the more people we serve.  We are here to ignite a shift in consciousness across the planet. But also having a blast while doing it.  For Legacy Sisters, play = productivity. And we’re never going back to the old modalities again.

Support & Sisterhood

As one of us rises, we all do.  This is a safe and sacred space where we bear witness to each others’ transformations, liberate each other to expand further, and provide rock solid support to ground each other’s growth.  

Presence & Love

This isn’t about good vibes only.  We will always meet you where you’re at.  It’s okay to not be okay. Just as it’s okay to be thriving (even when others aren’t).  We fully bring ourselves with presence and intentionality. We hold the space for each others’ healing and transformation.  We infuse love and faith into everything we do. And as we rise, we invite others to join.

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No more playing small

The Legacy Sisters Mastermind is here to give you the support, safe and sacred container, and guidance for you to  

⤐ stop blocking yourself and get out of your own way ⬷

⤐ break free from patterns that aren’t serving you ⬷

⤐ shine brightly without burning out ⬷

⤐ receive the wealth, opportunity, and love you need/deserve to continue serving ⬷

⤐ claim your role as a next level leader ⬷

⤐ boldly take up space in this world in the capacity you were meant to ⬷

I know you’re ready for more.  But openness goes both ways. If you want to serve and give at greater levels, you also have to allow yourself to receive at the capacity that allows you to show up.  

A tree is only as strong as its roots.  Give yourself the spaciousness and nutritious soil that will let you flourish.

It’s all here for you, legacy.  If you allow yourself to receive it.


What We’ll Work on Strategically


Master the art of high-vibe sales

Does the word “sell” make your stomach do back flips?  Not anymore, sister. We’re going to flip your definition of sales on its head.  You’ll learn the art of sacred sales so you can sell with soul and close sales like that.  Because when you sell with confidence and ease, you can instill the same into your leads.  Trust me, this is the selling energy and magic you’ve been waiting for.  No more sweaty palms necessary.


Revenue maximization

You don’t have to fix what ain’t broke.  But you sure as hell can maximize it. We’re taking an in-depth look at your current sales systems and offerings. Then giving them an extra oomph! so your money makers become bigger, better money making machines (in time AND cash dolla bills).  We’re going to trim the fat for anything that isn’t pulling its weight (for your immediate or long terms goals).  So you can focus your energy, resources, and time on what’s fulfilling AND profitable.


Magnetic marketing and messaging

When it comes to copy and messaging, clarity is king. So we’re injecting clarity into your message like it’s everybody’s business to know what you’re creating.  We’re giving your messaging a makeover so that your soulmate clients and customers are clear AF on what you’re offering, why it’s 100% for them, and how immensely valuable it is.  Why? Because clarity instills confidence. And confidence sells (with integrity).


Money makes the money

“Make money in your sleep!”  You’ve heard it time and time again.  We’re going to unlock the treasure troves of passive income and monthly recurring revenue. So you can expand your receiving in yo’ sleep and wake up day-to-day knowing that cash is coming in the door. No more tying your time, energy, and you having to be the running engine of your entire business. Let your money make the money.

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Melanie is a life coach/group facilitator extraordinaire.

She has such warmth and energy (and is so willing to share it with YOU!) that within minutes of meeting her, you feel more confident, hopeful, and like you’ve got a new best friend.

I’ve never been in a group that succeeded the way Melanie’s did - the energy always fades, people drop out, and eventually it just fizzles into non-existence.

In contrast, I never want to stop hanging out with this group that Melanie facilitated, and that’s a shock to the system for a typically-isolated introvert!
— KC McCormick Çiftçi, Coach at Borderless Stories

 What We’ll Work on Energetically


Expansion like you mean it

You’re expanding like a motherf*cker right now.  I know you feel it. You’re getting bigger and your life on the outside is getting smaller.  So we are creating a safe and sacred container for you to expand with grace while also making the necessary shifts externally so your life and business can hold your expansion.


Receive like a leader

You can’t give if you can’t receive.  End of story. Fortunately for us, expansion and openness go both ways.  As you expand your capacity to give (the way you show up in the world and the level at which you serve) you also expand your capacity to receive (money, clients, energy, ideas, and more) - and vice versa.  It’s a cycle that feeds itself which can lead to ultimate liberation or instant burnout. And we’re doing the necessary work to make sure that it’s the former for you.


Impenetrable energy protection

The more you expand, the more of you there is to take up space in the world.  Which can feel like a double edged sword. But we’re not about throwing you to the wolves or waiting to see if you sink or swim.  You’re going to set boundaries like a boss, protect and nurture your energy like it’s your #1 job (spoiler alert: it is), and call in/allow yourself to receive the support you need to protect your mind, body, and soul.  


Calling in safety, security, and balance

You can’t step up into full-on priestess mode if you fundamentally believe that it’s not safe for you to do so.  The conscious mind can want money, clients, success, and the vision all it wants. But if your subconscious beliefs say it’s not safe for that to happen, you betcha determined ass it’s all going to come to a screeching halt.  We’re digging deep to break the links of the habits and patterns that no longer serve you. It’s time to release the belief that being small is safer. And we’re doing the work to make that vital shift happen.

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 What You’re Receiving


The Legacy Sisters Mastermind is a 12-month membership and commitment.  This gives you ample space and time to experience radical transformation and makes sure that your fellow legacies inside are as committed to growth in the same way you are.


You’ll always have a virtual place to come home to in our tiny (but mighty) corner of the internet.  Our group space is held in Slack so that you can bring yourself to it with the utmost intentionality (instead of stumbling upon us when you’re scrolling Facebook). (Value: $2,000)


Receive support from Melanie and the group, get your questions answered, and experience the energy of our powerful AF tribe on a regular basis.  (Value: $12,000)


So you can receive custom, high-touch support anytime.  Use them as you need them. Whether it’s 1x week for a month as a mini-intensive or break ‘em up throughout the year. (Value: $6,000)


All that the stuff that keeps piling on your sh*t list?  The stuff you’re avoiding but struggle to carve out the time for?  Yeah, we’re setting aside specific time for that. These monthly calls work magic, bend space and time, and can help you get a weeks worth of work done in a matter of hours.  Co-work with your fellow legacies and cross off those things on your to-do list that you’ve been avoiding forever - with ease. (Value: $6,000)


Because I want you to REALLY know everyone in our group, have the chance to ask for what you need upfront, and share your gifts with our tribe.  This kickoff call will be longer than our usual group calls with specific intention setting for the year ahead. (Value: $1,000)


To crank up the transformation to the next level, we’re stepping away from the day-to-day and into the womb of expansion.  It’s high-powered business retreat meets warrior woman sleepover. Combining strategy, soul, and tribe into a container that brings about massive uplevels in a matter of days.  (Value: $15,000)

Sacred Investment

The Legacy Sisters Mastermind is a sacred container to provide you with the practical, strategic support you need to GROW A BUSINESS THAT LEADS AND RECEIVES ABUNDANTLY and the energetic, spiritual support you need to ACCESS THE LEGACY WITHIN YOU.

The value of the Legacy Sisters Mastermind is $40,000 (before BONUSES).  

The investment to join as a Legacy Sister is $20,000 paid in full or 12-monthly payments of $1997.  
Plus, access over $5,500 in bonuses (including even lower monthly payments) when you join now!

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Melanie has helped me change my mindset with money. I went from booking $2k projects to $4k ones. The difference? I wasn’t getting in my own way. That’s it. And I couldn’t have done that without her help.
— Allyssa Barnes, WordPress Developer + CEO at Italicized Creative


Please note that exact dates are being firmed up.  But will be announced ASAP.
We will have three retreats total in our time together.

Retreat #1 is tentatively planned for June 2019. Retreat #2 is tentatively planned for October or November 2019. Retreat #3 is tentatively planned for January or February 2020.







Kickoff dinner for the first night, lunch/dinner/snacks on full retreat days, all activities, workshops, and trainings!


Flights, ground transportation to and from the retreat site, and lodging accommodations.

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We officially begin WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3RD with our group kickoff call with access to the Slack space starting on MONDAY, APRIL 1ST.


Join our tribe by March 15th and you’ll receive these special bonuses.

BONUS #1 - Lower Monthly Payment OR one-month unlimited Voxer support

Get a lower monthly payment via extended payment plan (13 months) - PLUS NO EXTRA FINANCING FEE - at $1,850/month ($1000 financing fee savings)

Or pay in full and receive one-month of unlimited 1:1 Voxer support to use anytime throughout the year (including the time before our official start date). (Value: $1000)

BONUS #2 - Immediate Access to Melanie inside the Light Leaders Lounge

Receive immediate access to Melanie for private chat support inside our current Slack workspace the Light Leaders Lounge (Value: $600)

BONUS #3 - Private VIP Intensive

1:1 Phoenix Reborn VIP Intensive with Melanie to use anytime throughout the year (including the time before our official start date). (Value: $1500)

BONUS #4 - Monthly Copy Feedback

Get feedback on any long-form piece of copy (sales page, homepage, about page, etc) from Melanie on your messaging and language.  (Value: $2400)

BONUS #5 - 15% off all copy writing services throughout our time together

Get 15% off all copy writing services by Melanie throughout out time together. 

That’s over $5,500 in value for FREE. And you can get immediate support from Melanie!

The Legacy Sisters Mastermind is enrolling by application or invite only.  So if this feels like a HELL FREAKIN’ YES to you, click below to apply!

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(I have answers)

  • Is there an income requirement to join the Legacy Sisters Mastermind?  

    • No.  I don’t want to confine our collective potential for expansion based on an income requirement.  I joined my mastermind with $16k in credit card debt, making $2k a month in my biz, and quickly leapt to closing $8k in sales in a span of 4 days.  

      The only qualification to be in the Legacy Sisters Mastermind is hunger and deep readiness to show up and receive, open willingness to do the work, and absolute determination to make it happen no matter what.  If this sounds exactly like you, I’d love to have you apply!

  • Is there industry exclusivity?  

    • I hold the energetics of this group to the highest esteem.  Therefore, I do not select members based on industry. I believe in abundance and community over competition.  There is enough air for all of us to breathe and thrive at the top. I focus on whether someone will be an energetic match for our tribe - not using external factors to dictate qualifications.

  • How do I know if I’m ready for a commitment like this?  

    • You’re done DIYing your own expansion, going it alone, and you know that you need a community and top-level support to actually grow.  The Legacy Sisters Mastermind isn’t about making your vision happen. But supporting you in accessing the version of who you CAN.

      If you’re ready to go through the personal, spiritual, and strategic growth (and you’re not looking for this to “fix” you/your business - but to support your ultimate becoming), then you are 100% ready for this space.  And it’s sure ready for you. Apply now!

  • How can I expect my income to change after joining the Legacy Sisters Mastermind?  

    • There are many factors that go into income increases.  The biggest shift we’re making in (a) yourself energetically and (b) your business strategically is an openness to receive.  We’re supporting your expansion as a receiving container (aka stopping you from blocking yourself and walking right past opportunity/abundance) and setting your business up to receive that influx.

      There is no guarantee, magic pill, or special formula to “2x your income” or “get to five figure months” or “get you booked out.”  Only doing the work, showing up, and being open.

      If you’re looking for a quick fix or absolute guarantee of what things will look like on the other side of your rebirth, the Legacy Sisters Mastermind isn’t for you.  But if you’re reading this realizing that you’re done playing small and seeking all the answers from the outside - and your ready to become the person who can access them with ease from the inside - then welcome home, legacy.  Apply right now!

      Investing in your growth as a CEO, sales person, creative, divine being, human, and legacy is about no longer being the person who just takes what comes your way because it’s safe. But stepping up as the person who creates what you truly desire and deserve. I know that investing at the level can be scary (be sure to read more on that towards the bottom). But you know if this is the space that you need to really make it to the next level. And we both know that sticking around waiting for it to fall in your lap isn’t going to happen. You have to show up as the person you want to be NOW in order to receive that uplevel.

  • How much time do I need for this?  

    • If you’re attending every call, using the group as your support system regularly, and attending our co-working calls, this is about an 8-10 hour a month commitment.  Know that I highly respect your time and only intend to include/facilitate group spaces that are of service to everyone who shows up for themselves and the others.

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Why Melanie when there are so many mastermind hosts, coaches, and other programs out there?


I’ve mastered the art of expansion.  

I left my cushy corporate job after just 6-months working there at the beginning of 2018.  Even after closing down my old business and starting an entirely new one. Since then, I’ve reconnected with my soul and awakened my previously numb spiritual side. I’ve joined two high-level masterminds (with associated price tags). I went from making maaaybe $2k a month to being able to close $8k in sales in 4 days.  And I do it all by working 20-30 hours a week. I’m expanding as a woman on the rise and can hold the space for your expansion with high-level, high-touch guidance and support.  

My clients go from zero to receiving like THAT 

I’ve had clients who struggled to go from idea to finished product to launching an entirely new vision in a month and a half.  Who send out email campaigns and only getting crickets in return to getting an instant inquiry for a $4,000 package from a single email. Or from a single month-long group program to making their biggest month ever.  Even from emotional closed AF due to previous relationships to realizing they’re worthy of top-shelf love and belonging.

How?  Because they start taking ownership in the areas they have complete power in and learned to surrender in those they do not.  Through energetic support, gateway opening reframes, calling you out on your BS (in a loving way), and practical business changes (like pricing, offerings, and simplified, potent marketing), my client go from 0 to receiving lightning fast when they show up for themselves and the people they serve.

I’ve invested, taken the leaps, and made it work.  

I’ve invested, taken incredible risk, failed, failed again, then failed faster so that I can be a coach who supports you in being open AF to receiving.  In short, I know what I’m doing and I’m worth my salt. I’m going to bring my 100% to everything that we do. And if you do the same, the possibilities are endless.

I’m here to SERVE.

The work I do lights me up like nothing else in this world.  Because I get to be a support to you and your journey. I know some coaches try to raise your frequency by solely inviting you to meet them where they’re at (and without giving you tactical support and guidance).  And while there are certain situations where this is an incredibly valuable tactic, I also deeply believe in the power of raising you from below. In showing you everything you’re capable of and helping to raises you to that frequency. More than anything, I’m a mirror for your endless possibility. Because I can see the truth of who you are - even when you can’t.

I’m here to serve and support you in living your most free, spacious, and expansive life (and ALLLLL that entails).  THAT is my life mission and soul purpose. And it’s exactly why the containers I create and the support that I give work.  

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If you’re having doubts, you NEED Melanie in your life. Not only is she the best cheerleader on the planet, but she helps you bring those limiting beliefs to the surface with such grace and ease. She guides you through the process of both letting go of old labels and stepping into the fullness of who you ALREADY are.
— Ashton Long, CEO at The Authentic Woman

An honest conversation on investing

(especially if your soul desires this mastermind, but your ego is saying that you “can’t afford it”)

Trust me when I say that I understand how intimidating it can be investing that this level. You might be thinking “can I afford this? Can I make this work? It it really worth it?” And you are the only person who can 100% know the answers to those questions.

When I joined my second high-level mastermind, I had almost the price of the mastermind in DEBT. Let alone $0 in liquid capital (unless you’re counting McDonald’s coupons). I was lucky if I made $2k a month from my business. I woke up at 2am in terror fits about my credit card bill. I was burned by previous investments that let me down. Yet I knew that I was meant for more.

At the end of the day, I had to ask myself is THIS the space that’s going to be the most supportive of my BECOMING? Becoming the person I need to be to…

➳ show up in the way that I want/need to
➳ hold me accountable to doing what’s best for me
➳ call me out on my BS excuses (even especially if I’m REALLY clinging to them)
➳ and shift me from just getting by to being a woman of wealth and receiving

At the end of the day, my FAITH had to be bigger than my FEAR. I had no idea “how” I was going to make the money or “afford” it. I wouldn’t have worked as diligently as I did, gotten over my own bullshit as fast, or allowed myself to receive if I hadn’t invested at that level.

What were the results of answering my calling even if it scared me sh*tless and had me shaking as I pressed the pay button? The next month I had a 4 day stretch where I closed $8k in sales…and had a BLAST doing it. The month after that I paid off all my business expenses (including said mastermind) and then some…and FINALLY hit the green - with such incredible ease. Then the month after that, I increased my income by 150%. For real.

And how did that happen?

Expansion. Because investing at this level expanded my belief in how I was capable of showing up and capable of receiving. I wasn’t just the person who let old stories define me (“I don’t have the money, I can’t afford it , I can’t make money, I’ve been burned by investments before so this won’t be any different”). I was the person who knew what I wanted and made it happen. And I allowed myself to receive the strategic and energetic support to allow my ultimate becoming.

And remember, you and I are no different. We are both made of the same stardust, created in the image of God/Source, and here on Earth to do some BIG things. We are LEGACIES. If my previously coupon-scrounging, scarcity burdened ass can receive abundantly AF, then you can too.

Applying alone doesn’t commit you to anything. Giving yourself the permission for this even be a possibility already opens the doors for you to make it happen.

You know in your heart, mind, and soul if the Legacy Sisters Mastermind is the space for you. And if it is (which I’m betting it is because you’re still here with me), then I invite you to allow your faith to be bigger than your fear, to fiercely believe in yourself, and to give yourself full permission to start being the person you need to be NOW to boldly take up space in this world.

So the question is, friend. Will you?

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I know that we talk a lot about money in business. And we’ll certainly talk about it more in the Legacy Sisters Mastermind. But truthfully, this mastermind was never really about the money - for me or for you.  It’s about the LEADERSHIP - the LEGACIES that we leave.  

We both know that you have an immense capacity for greatness in this one life.  To serve at great levels. To heal at great levels. To transform at great levels.

And I’m DONE watching visionaries like you - magic makers with ABUNDANT wells of potential - go on without fully accessing them whenever you want, with ease.  Because you’re doubting yourself, you’re getting caught up in your head, you’re distracting yourself with the money struggle, or you won’t give yourself FULL permission to be an imperfect leader.

If you’re still here with me, you’re probably pretty f*cking over it too.  Because you’re ready, determined, and hungry to be brave.

You’re a legacy.

So, allow yourself to receive the support, guidance, and sacred container to grow.  Expand to the next level you, the next level business, and the next level life as a Legacy Sister.

(Grab that gateway opening application here)

Your clients, your tribe, your family and friends need you to step up if you want to be the leader that you know they need.  Even more so, YOU need you to step up.

Or the outside world is going to continue being uncomfortable and not fitting right because you’re wearing a role that’s too small for you.

It’s your time, legacy. Your time to rise. And I’m here to help you make that happen.

If you’re saying “Ok, Melanie! It’s time to unleash my ultimate becoming. Send me to that application!” Go ahead and access that magic below.

(Applying alone does not commit you to anything. And it gives us a chance to talk off the page and face-to-face - virtually at least! If this is your calling to rise, allow this to even be in the realm of possibility by applying to be a Legacy Sister.)