Melanie St. Clair Client Referral Program

Know someone who would love to work with me? Refer clients and get credits to apply to future coaching!

Referral Program Basics

For every new client referred and booked, the referrer accrues credit towards their next coaching package. 

"To book" is defined as making the first deposit.

If a new clients books a VIP Phoenix Reborn VIP Intensive or VIP Light Leader Coaching, the referrer will accrue a 10% credit of the total package price to be used on any future coaching package.

Referral Program FAQs

How are referral credits applied? 

New clients must mention your name (either on the call or through the intake form) to credit to your account. Referral credits are applied once based on new client's initial packaged booked. I.e. if the new client books a 1:1 intensive, then upgrades to a coaching package, the referrer will receive a 10% credit of the intensive value to use on a future coaching package. 

When will Referral credits apply to my account? 

Referral credits are considered active 48 hours after the new client books.

How can they be used?  

Referral credits can be applied to future coaching packages.  Credits are not retroactive.  

Is there a credit maximum?  

Referrers may accrue referral credits up to 50% off their next coaching package.  

how can I keep track of my referral credits?

Email to get a count of your referral credits.