Yana Dirkx - Bring your swirling thoughts to life in a totally do-able way

The Purposeful Creative helped me structure all the crazy thoughts in my head, launch a new service, rewrite my website in a single day to reflect those new services, and my 1:1 coaching call with Melanie resulted in a new business idea that I am super excited about launching in a few weeks. This program has been so valuable to me, and I cannot thank Melanie enough for her insightful feedback, unending devotion, and endless motivational talks!

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Jordann Jordan - This introvert got her new biz bestie crew

Working with Melanie has been an incredible experience. She curates supportive and nurturing environments but also provides the backbone you need to stand up for what you believe in and start using your voice and passion to change the world (and get paid for it). 

The intimate community of the program allowed me (an introvert and lurker of Facebook groups) to actually participate in the coaching/masterminding aspect to not only help me and move my business forward but also to show up and be there for the other incredibly passionate women... that are literally my new biz BFFs. 

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Allyssa Barnes

Working with Melanie has been invaluable. She asks all the right questions and knows exactly what to say to guide you towards success.

I've had so many breakthroughs and have seen great results in such a short time. She is amazing!

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KC McCormick Çiftçi

Melanie is a life coach/group facilitator extraordinaire. She has such warmth and energy (and is so willing to share it with YOU!) that within minutes of meeting her, you feel more confident, hopeful, and like you've got a new best friend.

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Jordann Jordan

Melanie makes space to work ideas out and supports you through the process.  Her personality radiates through everything that she does and it's like she speaks to you deep in your soul and transfers her passion so that you can believe in yourself.

I have so much energy after speaking on a video conference with her instead of feeling overwhelmed, I know exactly what steps I need to take to get what I'm working on done.

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Yana Dirkx

Melanie is simply a wonderful person to have beside you when you are working through some things or when you're stuck.

She always seems to find exactly the right thing to say, whether it's analyzing a situation you're not sure how to deal with or really crawling inside your head and putting into words what's inside there. Her way with words always amazes me!

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