Jordann Jordan - This introvert got her new biz bestie crew

Jordann - Introvert, Health Coach, Passion for Service

I joined The Purposeful Creative to gain confidence in my health coaching business. I knew that I was on the edge of transitioning my business as a purposeful hobby to being purposefully profitable I just needed the coaching, support, and accountability that Melanie created with the community aspect of The Purposeful Creative.

I have faced many setbacks from actually making my passion profitable. I wasted hours trying to convince people to work with me, I lowered my prices so that I could be more affordable, and spun in circles not knowing how, why, and what I should be doing. I've also spent thousands in online courses that have honestly only provided value with no real action into getting more clients and making more money. The Purposeful Creative was way more than an online course. It was exactly what I needed to take real action on why I was doing this, who I was serving, and how to actually start making a profit.

Working with Melanie has been an incredible experience. She curates supportive and nurturing environments but also provides the backbone you need to stand up for what you believe in and start using your voice and passion to change the world (and get paid for it). 

The intimate community of the program allowed me (an introvert and lurker of Facebook groups) to actually participate in the coaching/masterminding aspect to not only help me and move my business forward but also to show up and be there for the other incredibly passionate women... that are literally my new biz BFFs. 

After The Purposeful Creative, I gained clarity on why I was so passionate about this and who I really wanted to help. This has sparked my confidence in my business that shines through my messaging to attract the right people who value my work.

I would highly recommend The Purposeful Creative to someone who is so over online courses and who needs a tribe and community to brainstorm and mastermind with so that they can make purposeful waves in the world.

— Jordann, Healthful Prescriptions