Yana Dirkx - Bring your swirling thoughts to life in a totally do-able way

When I started with The Purposeful Creative, I thought adding my special fry flavour was the missing link for me. While we were working through the modules though, the questions in all the workbooks were so in-depth and insightful that I quickly noticed how valuable the combination of all the modules were. A clear sign that the combination of all these modules was the missing link for me, was when I was able to rewrite my entire website in 6 hours (in 2 languages) because I could use my ideal client avatar and special fry flavour workbooks as inspiration and fallback. 

The Purposeful Creative helped me structure all the crazy thoughts in my head, launch a new service, rewrite my website in a single day to reflect those new services, and my 1:1 coaching call with Melanie resulted in a new business idea that I am super excited about launching in a few weeks. This program has been so valuable to me, and I cannot thank Melanie enough for her insightful feedback, unending devotion, and endless motivational talks!

— Yana, The Wedding Boutique