Yana Dirkx

Melanie organized the last mastermind group I was part of and she blew my mind with her vision about the group and her organizational insight. In no time, everyone was super engaged, fired up, and just ready to get started thanks to the support she put in place. This was by far the best mastermind group I've ever been part of!

Aside from having done a great job organizing the group, Melanie is simply a wonderful person to have beside you when you are working through some things or when you're stuck. She always seems to find exactly the right thing to say, whether it's analyzing a situation you're not sure how to deal with or really crawling inside your head and putting into words what's inside there. Her way with words always amazes me! 

She's also the most supportive mastermind host I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She's understanding when the group needs it, adding a little fire when things start slowing down, coming up with interesting articles to read, and taking the time to acknowledge that everything implemented is working for the whole group.

— Yana Dirkx, The Wedding Boutique