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Filled with purpose and intention for the day, you’ve got your to-do list all laid out for you.  You’re changing lives and bringing all the aha! moments to your clients.  

Oh, what a way to welcome the morning over that dreadful alarm from your corporate days.  The moment you open your eyes, you feel a still moment of calmness.  Then, the ideas start flowing.  

You throw open your laptop and start typing rapid-fire.  Your home fills with the clicking of your keyboard as you power through inspiring your clients and the world a better place.


By the mid-afternoon, you gently close your screen and place your feet on your coffee table with a satisfied sigh.  You LOVE feeling a part of something greater.  And the flexibility of being your own boss while making a difference is exactly what you were born to do.  

Your mission statement isn't just for how you operate in business, but how you life your fullest LIFE.  It's all about paying it forward and building relationships - not just making a sale.

Tell me, is this the life you imagine for yourself?

The Purposeful Creative is a 5-week group intensive that empowers visionary women in business to build businesses and brands of purpose and passion.

Inside The Purposeful Creative, you're getting the ultimate confidence boost - a tribe of women who get you, appreciate you, and want nothing more than to see you light up the world.

If you’ve been

  • carrying the exhausting solopreneur burden of going it alone

  • constantly questioning if what you’re doing is working

  • tired of spinning your wheels in your head without a sounding board or a person who “gets it” (it = entrepreneurship) and really just need someone to talk to about #allthethingsentrepreneur



In 5-weeks, you’re going to experience #communityovercompetition like you never have before.  

With 10 seats open, we’re keeping things intimate between you, me, and your new biz bestie crew.  No more getting trapped in the over-thinking whirlwind.  No more brainstorming alone with your cat and getting zero helpful feedback (other than him sitting on your papers).

Instead, you’ll have me and 9 other giving, big dreaming women who want nothing more than to see you succeed and live your most authentic, purposeful life.  

What's Included

  • 5-week group intensive from Monday, March 19th through Friday April 20th

  • Private Slack group with you and your other amazing visionaries facilitated by Melanie

  • Five 90-minute group coaching calls on Fridays at 12pm MST (convert to your timezone)

  • Two 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls with Melanie to schedule as needed during the program

  • Lifetime access to all coaching call replays and Slack channel

  • Weekly workbooks to brainstorm the program content prior to our calls and track your thoughts (fillable PDFs)


Sound like a dream?


Hey there!  I’m Melanie and I believe that as women in business, we have the unique opportunity (and responsibility) to use our businesses as vehicles for change.  

Yes!  You CAN change the world!  Don't doubt it for a moment.


You’re a visionary type of thinker!  You want to help and serve others.  You're not just here on Earth to take up space.  You're here to make a difference.

But your business?  It's not quite there with you. 

It’s stagnant and lacking the luster and inspiration that you felt when you first started.  You're overwhelmed and left wondering how do I get started, what are my next steps.  It feels like getting trapped in decision paralysis is the only thing you ARE good at. 

You're ready for a program that's going to cut through the overwhelm, give you a clear path and direction for moving forward, and one that's founded in relationships and actually connecting with others (not like the enroll + ditch like some courses you've taken).

Here's how we're going to make the magic happen....


We’re gonna make waves if…


  • You’re a visionary type of thinker with big dreams for yourself and the world

  • You wholeheartedly believe in giving to others and want to bring about change

  • You’re in business for more flexibility and freedom in your life.  You believe that money is a tool to operate in the world, but you’re not in business just to build a monetary empire just for your own glory

  • You’re tired of working your ass off on the creative hamster wheel.  You're ready to start acting with intention and direction to master a purposeful and passionate business


I’m totally NOT your peep if…


  • You’re only in business for yourself, making money, and the benefits it will bring your life

  • You can think of a thousand and one ways you want to change your life, but tend to not execute on making those changes happen

  • You place blame on other people and outside factors when things go wrong in your life and lack personal responsibility for yourself and your actions

  • You’re stubborn and lack flexibility in the way you work with others.  You really need to go it alone to make things just the way you want them


Ready to build meaningful relationships with gals just like us? (the first kind!)

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You weren't put on this earth to take up space.  You're here to make a difference!

Refund Policy

I am 100% confident in the changes that we can bring to your life and you business.  I would never want you to be left with the nasty feeling of buyer's remorse.  Gross!

If you complete your workbooks and attend our first three group coaching calls with the best intentions to grow, I'm happy to offer you an interrogation-free* money back guarantee. 

If I don't meet your expectations, you feel like you didn't get your moneys worth, or just wasted your time, email me your refund request to melanie@melaniestclair.com by Friday, April 6th (that's over half the program for us to work together!)

*Interrogation-free: No need to go through hoops or nervous explanation required.  You spend enough time trying to validate  yourself and your decisions already!  (Unless you would like to provide constructive feedback, of course!)  I want this to be the right decision for you and your business.

Still have some lingering questions?


or just want to chat real quick and make sure I'm a real live human you actually want to work with? 

Email me any questions to melanie@melaniestclair.com or schedule a call to chat (and hopefully put your mind at ease!)

I believe that as women in business, we have a responsibility to build our businesses as vehicles for change. This is the key to living our most fulfilled and authentic lives.
— Melanie St. Clair


(50% non-refundable deposit required upon enrollment.  Final payment due on March 19th when we start.  Or get the payment out of the way and pay in full!)