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Showing purposeful women how to build businesses of intention, service, and connection

Putting your brand, message, mind, and heart into alignment to make you the irresistible client magnet you were born to be


transform your business from endless to-do list to dream client magnet + inspiration machine

You open your eyes to the sound of desperate beeping from your alarm.  Before you can fumble your way into the bathroom, panicked thoughts start barreling through your head.

How am I going to book a client today?  Where are they hiding at?  How will I make the sale?  What do I need to do today to move my business forward?  What does “forward” even really mean?

Running your own business feels more like the many-headed hydra of to-do lists than the glorified path to freedom.

Browsing Pinterest and praying for answers, you start clicking rapid fire on some super juicy pins.

"How to Make Your First 1k from Instagram"

"The 5 Day Challenge to Attract Dream Clients"

"My 3 Step Blueprint to Making 100k a Year"

Aaaand BOOM.  

You’re tossing out your email to more and more experts hoping, praying that ONE of them has the secret ticket to success.  Moments later, your inbox surges with knowledge, strategies, and confirmation emails. 

Some of them screaming and others whispering.  You don’t know whose advice you should listen to or what strategies are actually going to work.  But dammit.  You have entrepreneur’s blood.  And you’re going to make this “running your own business” thing work and bring on the raving clients and the massive least whatever the landing page promised you.

You update your Instagram bio using that “must-use” template.  You edit your About page so it’s “all about them and not about you.”  You try a Facebook Live even though your palms are sweating and your heart might rip through your chest at any moment (that eye-twitch will go away by the end of the day, I promise).

You sit back and wait for the results of all your hard work to start pour in.  Only to hit 5pm with 8 fewer Instagram followers, no new leads, and whole lotta emptiness in your heart.

"Start a business," they said.  "Monetize your purpose," they said.  "Be your own boss and create your dream life," they said.

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

Defeated, you throw your feet on the coffee table and wait for your husband to get home.  Guess this whole “being a boss” and “raining in 10k” months will have to wait for tomorrow.  Until then, Criminal Minds beckons and at least you know the BAU won’t fail you like the storm of welcome sequences that are rapidly piling in your inbox while you sleep.

Isn’t there more to this running an online business thing than massive disappointment, endless piles of Trello cards, and constantly questioning your worth?

You were meant for greater things than always craving more


Hey there, friend.  I’m Melanie St. Clair.  And I KNOW you were meant for greater things than always craving more.  You have astounding raw talent and beautiful gifts to share with the world.  But the constant pursuit of growth for growth’s sake and always focusing on making a sale is leaving you depleted and questioning your worth.  Seriously, you are perfect and capable just as you are.

For almost three years, I ran a business on the “need more” mentality.  

I scoured online for the “secret” to success.  I signed up for training after training lusting after the promised results.  I felt like I was getting pulled in so many different directions but going nowhere (and getting drawn and quartered is soooo 10th century, right?).  

But after months of feeling unfulfilled in my work and growing nothing but a resentment for my audience, I realized something had to change. 

I turned off the noise and focused on the inner work so that I could bring the best version of me to my business. 

I started focusing on purpose and service over constant growth and stats.  I honed in on my vision and why for my brand and nailed exactly how I serve my ideal client.  Soaking in any way that I helped someone (whether free or paid), I gave myself credit for my natural coaching abilities.  And finally avoided validating myself externally and unlocked the internal love for myself that I needed to run a fulfilling, life-changing, and profitable business.

If you’re waiting for the magic pill to finally make your business “work,” you’ve already got it, my friend.  

YOU are the most valuable asset in your business.  And it’s time to tap into your raw talent, hone in on your purpose, and set a clear path for the direction of your awaiting success.


Imagine what you could do if your branding, message, mind, and heart were all in alignment towards the same great vision for your business and life?

In The Purposeful Creative, we’re stepping away from the noise, the FOMO sales tactics, and bringing laser focus to your business and mindset.  It’s time to become the dreamy client magnet you’ve always wanted to be and tap into your full potential as the life-changing leader that you are.  

So far, I've helped inspiring women just like you live up to their fullest potential, redefine their vision of success, and own their worth to:

  • Completely transform their direction to start a new business that actually fulfills them + operates completely in their zone of genius
  • Book their first 3 clients by setting up a new lead system to weed out the freebie hunters + get right to the high-value peeps
  • Nail down their ideal client profile (and psychology) to start booking premium clients with juicy budgets (and be totally confident in doing so)
  • Map out their first infoproduct to use their natural gifts to blow people's minds and save them massive amounts of time and take back their lives
  • Restructure their packages to prioritize getting paid instead of letting project expenses constantly eat into her paycheck

How would your life change if you stopped following what everyone says you "MUST DO" and started implementing strategies and mindset shifts that actually made a difference based on your individual needs?

(Pssst!  That's the power of private coaching!  It's not an enroll and ditch method like courses that you may or may not follow through on.  You get a fierce cheerleader and advocate to be there with you every step of the way.  One who actually knows you and your business and wants nothing more than to see you succeed in the ways you envision your massive success)

you’re welcoming with open arms

  • Beautifully defined brand values that make you irresistible to clients who love to work with you (and pay your rates!)

  • A crystal clear image of your ideal client that hones in on their psychology behind buying and skips the boring, useless demographics

  • A stunning new look of confidence and grace from within to finally fit into the expert and talented woman that you are

  • A grateful abundance mentality to attract all the positivity, life-changing experience and people, and success (as YOU envision it) to your business and life

  • A fierce cheerleader and advocate for your success (me!) who’s going to help you cut through your mental BS, lay your path for success, and show you how to focus on the strategies that actually work for you and your business

you’re waving a #sorrynotsorry goodbye to

  • The never-ending list of “shoulds” that everyone says you NEED to be doing to become successful

  • The blueprints, secrets, and formulas to success that are more empty promises than a pathway to what you want from your business and life

  • The guilt and discomfort that comes with resting when you feel like you “need” to be doing something productive

  • Feeling like you have to work more and work harder to get better results - working smarter is the new hustle, baby!

  • Chasing client after client and feeling like you’re convincing people to work with you in gross sales conversations

  • Constantly questioning if you’re even legit enough to do this whole “entrepreneur” thing because it's just not coming all together

Ready to finally have your strategies, brand messaging, and mindset all working towards the same goal of having a fulfilling, profitable, and life-changing business?

What’s included in your transformation from overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid "am I a boss?" to life-changing, irresistible purposeful creative and boss status CEO

Inside The Purposeful Creative, you’re getting...


A coaching cadence that’s built for success

We’ll work in 4 week sprints.  For the first three weeks, we focus on growth with weekly workbooks and new material for you to build a brand that you and your ideal clients will rave over.  Then we take one week off from content to focus on implementation so you can put everything you’ve learned into action.

Growth weeks include

  • One workbook (fillable PDF) to become your best boss self, document your progress, and refine your brand (delivered via email on Tuesday mornings)

  • One 60-minute Zoom video coaching call to work things out with me 1:1 and hone in on what works best for you and your business (I recommend scheduling on Thursday or Friday)

  • Chat and email access to me to ask questions, discuss previous material, and submit additional items (like website copy, design, etc) for feedback and detailed notes

Implementation weeks include

  • This time is here so you can to put everything into action and rest from the workbooks and (sometimes intense) coaching calls

  • Chat and email access to me to ask questions, discuss workbook material, and submit additional items (like website copy, design, etc) for feedback and detailed notes

  • The last week (Week 8) includes a 60-minute coaching call to discuss your plans for future and how to keep growing into the astounding person you are after The Purposeful Creative ends

Additionally, these goodies have your name written all over them

  • Three 30-minute flex calls for extra support and vent sessions that you can schedule throughout the program

  • Replays of the coaching calls so you can rewatch, take in more of the inspiring goodness, and continue to grow even after The Purposeful Creative ends

  • Special Bonus: Sales Story that Sells - My template for writing sales pages and implementing all the amazing work we cover in The Purposeful Creative so you can book dreamy clients on the reg (delivered on Week 7)

We will start the first Tuesday of the month so that your growth weeks are always the first three months and implementation weeks are the last week to finish out the month strong! 



meet your cheerleader + coach

Hey there!  I’m Melanie and I believe that as women in business, we have the unique opportunity (and responsibility) to create businesses that are vehicles for change.  

After 6-months as a consultant, I retired from corporate life and traded my power heels for power yoga pants.  In my 9-5, I quickly grew tired of working for someone else’s agenda and wanted more from my everyday.

Yet, my business wasn't cutting it either.  Slaving away at content creation, desperate for growth, and praying I’d make a sale left me feeling empty.


Hoping to find the missing ingredient in my entrepreneurial journey, I joined a group program to get inside with the experts. During that program, I saw that everyone is struggling and looking for a way to feel less alone.

Suddenly, I understood that the key to living my most authentic and fulfilled life wasn’t six-figures in the bank.  That wasn’t MY definition of success.  Instead, I needed to create a business focused on purpose and service if I truly want to leave a legacy.  

By the end of that group program, I learned that while the program content was valuable, the way I organized my group, the support and insight I gave took the program to an entirely new level for my gals inside my budding mastermind.  I was born to coach and guide others and show them how to give themselves the validation, permission, and confidence they need to truly shine.

My mission is life is to show visionary thinkers like you how to build a business centered around serving others. 

Because I want you to live your most fulfilled and authentic life by inspiring others everyday.

Ready to step into the powerful, capable, and purposeful woman inside of you?  Here's how we're going to make the magic happen. 



These brand foundations guide your business direction, help you gut check what's aligned with your values (so you can set boundaries), and show you EXACTLY why you're in business and how you change lives.  These are the True North of your business direction and will always show you how to come home.


Delve into the psychology of your ideal client so you know exactly how to target your message.  No more screaming to the masses.  By the end of this week, you'll be able to whisper in her ear and say exactly what she needs to hear so she can book you in no time.


Your special fry flavor is key to distinguishing yourself amongst the crowd.   Know the qualities that make you unique and irresistible to your ideal client and adopt an abundance mindset so cutthroat competition is a thing of the past.


Focus on putting the last three weeks into action!


Create a weekly schedule that's specifically designed to maximize your most productive times.  This schedule will make the most of the hours you clock and promote rest and recovery in the time away from your computer.  Get access to my weekly Trello board that's the perfect balance between keeping the long running to-do list, but also gets work moving through the week without getting overwhelmed.


We’re getting real and diving deep into the big fears that are making money run screaming from you, the lies that are making you your own worst enemy, and the mental constructs that are holding you back from reaching you income dreams  Mend your relationship with money and become your best money making self.


The previous weeks all build to this point!  Learn how to sell without feeling manipulative or like you're begging for cash because you are completely clear on how you serve your audience.  We'll also map out places you can find your ideal client and practice your pitching so you don't feel like a deer in the headlights when it comes time to land that sale!


Focus on putting the last three weeks into action + 60-minute coaching call to review the coaching process + set up your future goals and direction


We’re gonna make waves if…


  • You’re a visionary type of thinker with big dreams for yourself and the world

  • You wholeheartedly believe in giving to others and want to bring about change

  • You’re in business for more flexibility and freedom in your life.  You believe that money is a tool to operate in the world, but you’re not in business just to build a monetary empire just for your own glory

  • You’re tired of working your ass off on the creative hamster wheel.  You're ready to start acting with intention and direction to master a purposeful and passionate business


I’m totally NOT your peep if…


  • You’re only in business for yourself, making money, and the benefits it will bring your life

  • You can think of a thousand and one ways you want to change your life, but tend to not execute on making those changes happen

  • You place blame on other people and outside factors when things go wrong in your life and lack personal responsibility for yourself and your actions

  • You’re stubborn and lack flexibility in the way you work with others.  You really need to go it alone to make things just the way you want them


If the first person above feels sooooo you and the second one makes you cringe, you're in good company!  Let's make waves together, my friend.

See what these amazing Purposeful Creatives have to say


What does your investment in you and your business look like?


(Or two monthly payments of $1100)


Refund Policy

I am 100% confident in the changes that we can bring to your life and you business.  I would never want you to be left with the nasty feeling of buyer's remorse.  Gross!  That's why I proudly offer you an interrogation-free* money back guarantee within 7 days of your start date.

If I don't meet your expectations, you feel like you didn't get your moneys worth, or just wasted your time, email me your refund request to within 7 days of your start date and I'll refund your investment.

*Interrogation-free: No need to go through hoops or nervous explanation required.  You spend enough time trying to validate  yourself and your decisions already!  (Unless you would like to provide constructive feedback, of course!)  I want this to be the right decision for you and your business.


It's time to put your brand message, business strategies, and mindset into alignment and all working towards your destiny for greatness. 

Step into your power, fulfill your full potential, and master your purpose.

message melanie and see if the purposeful creative + coaching are the right fit for you and your entrepreneurial journey!

(now booking for May 2018.  Start dates always on Tuesdays with delivery of your first workbook)

You already know if this energy is what your soul needs.  Because you are pure magic!

I'm not here to convince you or overcome your objections.  If The Purposeful Creative speaks to you, it's time to say YES to yourself, girl.