Helping women come back home to themselves

Clear the blocks. Manifest the vision. Make the magic.

It’s time to leave your legacy, Light Leader


You have a vision burning in your heart and a purpose ready to burst forth from your soul. And I’m here to support you in making that magic happen. I work with visionaries and intuitives like you go help you release your blockers, clarify your vision, and leave your soul honored legacy.


Ascension Accelerator


One year of unlimited laser coaching and limitless potential for the woman on the rise. 

In Ascension Accelerator, you’re unlocking an entire year of unlimited laser coaching sessions with me.  So you can do less hamster-wheeling and more magic making as a woman on the rise.

These fifteen-minute sessions are the clarity and confidence injection you need to continue giving, receiving, and serving at great levels while minimizing the impact of roadblocks. 

Legacy Sisters Mastermind


A true soul tribe of legacy women to unleash your becoming and limitless expansion.

The Legacy Sisters are a coalition of bold women entrepreneurs who fiercely desire deep connection, transformative healing, and ultimate expansion.  We are here to leave a mark on this world in the precious time we have with unstoppable determination and limitless potential.

We’ve walked the path of doing it alone.  And we’re over it.
Because we know that going it alone doesn’t make you stronger. By coming together, WE RISE.

Together, we are raising the frequency of the planet, bearing witness to each other’s transformations, and cultivating unstoppable bravery in our minds, hearts, and souls.  All while experiencing deep soul connection, having happy-laugh tears turn to tears of release and healing, and receiving a tribe of fierce legacies to support your expansion.

Light Leader VIP Coaching


The highest level of support and coaching for deep, transformational healing and radical change in your life.

This package is perfect for those seeking ongoing, on demand support for spiritual growth, releasing limiting beliefs and old wounds, and/or high-level strategic business support.

Since discovering my and living out my purpose as a Light Leader to create sacred spaces for deep soul healing and transformation, I have helped dozens of people personally and professionally find the greatest depths of meaning in their life and make living a soul aligned life a reality. 

Now, I’m ready to bring top-notch support so that you can do the same as the purposeful healer and soul truth speaker you were put on this earth to be.

I love partnering with intuitives and visionaries who are ready to hit the pavement running to bring the greatest depths of transformation in their life (and business).

Whether you’re looking for a rock-solid support, sounding board for your vision, or someone to hold you accountable (and give you a loving ass-kicking now and again) to do the real work when you’re feeling resist-y AF, I am here in your corner.

Ready to make magic? Let’s do this thing.