I show giving creatives who want to live their most fulfilled lives to own their worth and prioritize their self care.

Build your legacy, be rich in fulfillment, and fall back in love with your business.


"Melanie is simply a wonderful person to have beside you when you are working through some things or when you're stuck.

She always seems to find exactly the right thing to say, whether it's analyzing a situation you're not sure how to deal with or really crawling inside your head and putting into words what's inside there. Her way with words always amazes me!"

Yana , The Wed Boutique


"Working with Melanie has been invaluable. She asks all the right questions and knows exactly what to say to guide you towards success.

I've had so many breakthroughs and have seen great results in such a short time. She is amazing!"

Allyssa, Allyssa Barnes


"Melanie's personality radiates through everything that she does and it's like she speaks to you deep in your soul and transfers her passion so that you can believe in yourself.

I have so much energy after speaking on a video conference with her instead of feeling overwhelmed, I know exactly what steps I need to take to get what I'm working on done."

Jordann, Healthful Prescriptions



Introductory Deep Dive



Build a purposeful, impactful business

The Big Dreams Builder



Wake up every day filled with purpose and intention. 

We're diving into your beliefs about the world and personal values to discover your true life mission.  Trust me, it's the ultimate game changer you've been waiting for in your business!  You're going to artfully craft your business in way that’s fundamentally rooted in your purpose and passion. 

You'll finally feel totally confident telling people what you do because you know that you're making a difference every single day.  To top it off, you're going to learn how to make it last by reinvesting in your business's greatest asset - YOU - with my special tips on self care for giving creatives.

You're never gonna feel the same way about your work, your business, or your life again.

Ready to make big dreams happen?

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