Transforming the light workers of the world to light leaders

Clear the blocks. Manifest the vision. Make the magic.

It’s time to leave your legacy, Light Leader


You have a vision burning in your heart and a purpose ready to burst forth from your soul. And I’m here to support you in making that magic happen. I work with visionaries and intuitives like you go help you release your blockers, clarify your vision, and leave your soul honored legacy.


Phoenix Reborn VIP Intensive 


When was the last time you were given full permission to say yes to your soul? 

In this high-level coaching experience, we dive deep to release your fears of success, being seen, and shining brightly so that you can live out your soul purpose with every breath.   The Phoenix Reborn VIP Intensive is a 5-hour sacred container for soul healing and transformation. 

The intensive begins with a 2-hour session of burning, releasing, and clearing whatever is no longer serving you - both internally and externally.  After which, we break for an hour to rejuvenate your energy well.  We complete with another 2-hour deep dive of unleashing and creating a new path and way of being.  How will you choose to show up in the world as a Phoenix Reborn?  

Popular Phoenix Topics (of many possibilities)

  • Healing the Witch Wound: it is safe for you to show up in the world and be seen 

  • Self-Sabotage Cycle: releasing the looming fear of success 

  • Your Money Horoscope: healing your money relationship + calling in what you need 

  • Eternal Flame Boundaries: setting boundaries in your life and business so you can receive what you need and desire without burning out 

Investment starts at $1,250

2 spots open in January 2019

Light Leader VIP Coaching


Rock out the highest level of support and coaching for deep, transformative inner healing and radical change in your life.

This package is perfect for those seeking ongoing, on demand support for spiritual growth, releasing limiting beliefs and old wounds, and/or high-level strategic business support.

Since discovering my and living out my purpose as a Light Leader to create sacred spaces for deep soul healing and transformation, I have helped dozens of people personally and professionally find the greatest depths of meaning in their life and make living a soul aligned life a reality. 

Now, I’m ready to bring top-notch support so that you can do the same as the purposeful healer and soul truth speaker you were put on this earth to be.

I love partnering with intuitives and visionaries who are ready to hit the pavement running to bring the greatest depths of transformation in their life (and business).

Whether you’re looking for a rock-solid support, sounding board for your vision, or someone to hold you accountable (and give you a loving ass-kicking now and again) to do the real work when you’re feeling resist-y AF, I am here in your corner.

Investment starts at $5,000

1 spot open in February 2019

Ready to make magic? Let’s do this thing.