for entrepreneurs destined to change the world

Build your legacy, be rich in fulfillment, and fall in love with your business

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Filled with purpose and intention for the day, you’ve got your to-do list all laid out for you.  You’re changing lives and bringing all the aha! moments to your clients.  

Oh, what a way to welcome the morning over that dreadful alarm from your corporate days.  The moment you open your eyes, you feel a still moment of calmness, then the ideas start flowing.  

You throw open your laptop and start typing like rapid-fire.  Your home fills with the clicking of your keyboard as you power through inspiring your clients to change themselves and making the world a better place.


By the mid-afternoon, you gently close your screen and place your feet on your coffee table with a satisfied sigh.  You LOVE feeling a part of something greater.  And the flexibility of being your own boss while making a difference?  Yeah, you were born for this life.  


Tell me, is this the life you imagine for yourself?

Hey there you beautiful creative!


I’m Melanie and I believe that as women in business, we have the unique opportunity (and responsibility) to use our businesses as vehicles for change.  

Yes!  You CAN change the world!  Don't doubt it for a moment.


You’re a visionary type of thinker!  You love to give to others and you want to make the change in the world that you so deeply long for. 

BUT...your business just isn’t there quite yet.  It’s stagnant and lacking the luster from when you from when you first started (or even if you're still in the beginning phases).  You're looking at you're to-do list with no idea where to go. 

And with all the overwhelm, you're left wondering how do I get started, what are my next steps.  It feels like getting trapped in decision paralysis is the only thing you ARE good at.  

I believe that as women in business, we have the unique opportunity and responsibility to use our businesses to inspire change by aligning them with how we want to better the world.
— Melanie St. Clair

Stop endlessly running on the hamster wheel trying strategy after strategy.  

You were destined for more than a long-ass to-do list with ZERO direction.  Really.  So let’s start building your LEGACY and empower you to light the world on fire.  It’s waiting just for you, my friend!  And I promise you are the voice it's been waiting for this whole time.

We'll finally weed through the over-thinking shit storm trapped in your head and put those beautiful dreams of yours into action.


By diving into a coaching journey together, you're saying heck-to-the-yes to:

  • Action plans that provide a clear path and direction for you next move (or three!)

  • Learning more about yourself and your needs a business owner to make you the most productive and fulfilled powerhouse that you can be

  • Feeling balls out confident in you and your business because you know exactly what sets you apart, how you shine, and how to show it to the world without feeling like a selling sleeze ball 


Book Your Discovery Call with Melanie


Secure your spot on the waitlist to learn how we can bring on your business dreams and life goals.  There's no commitment necessary.  Just 15 minutes of chatting about you, your business, and jive to good vibes.

Oh, and I promise it's not going to be 14 minutes and 30 seconds of pitching.  Because that would be a gross experience for everyone.  I want to get to know you!

if coaching is a fit for you, we can talk all things

  • Building a rock solid, authentic personal brand that serves others and changes lives
  • Sharing your voice when you're scared you're not significant enough
  • How to build relationships with peers and feel less intimidated
  • Connecting with clients through relationships that convert 
  • Simplifying your to-do list and business focus to only the necessary items
  • Identifying your biggest mental blocks to success
  • How to package your services to bring the best results and make sure you enjoy the work
  • Setting up your weekly schedule 
  • Review and get feedback on your current projects and copy

And more - book your discovery call to see if I'm the best fit for you!

How it works:

Here's how we are going to make the magic happen

  1. Schedule your free, no-obligation discovery call.  For 15 minutes, we chat 1:1 about you, the types of people you work best with, and your business goals.  We want to make sure that our relationship is the best investment for your business!
  2. Once you're ready to bring on the results, I'll send you fillable PDF workbooks for your business goals.  These workbooks are designed to get the juices flowing, document your progress, and uncover your biggest mindset hurdles.
  3. Shit gets real!  We're digging deep, making action plans, and paving the road for your success.  You'll refine your brand messaging and purpose, hone in on your ideal client, and know the kickass parts of you that make you the perfect fit for your dreamies.  You'll get a private Google Drive folder to store all of your workbooks, notes, and replays of our coaching calls.
  4. In between our coaching calls, we will keep in touch via email and/or text (WhatsApp or FB Messenger - your choice).  We'll create a weekly cadence that works best for your schedule.  At the beginning of the week, we'll set your #1 goal for the week.  I'll be your accountability partner to check-in, cheer you on, and support you if anything comes your way! You are not alone in your journey.
  5. If you loooove working together, we can continue our coaching relationship at a lower monthly rate. We'll create a custom plan that's perfect for your long-term business needs.  

3-Months to Purposeful Foundations

This program is perfect for new business owners or a much needed business refresh.  We will refine your message, delve into the psychology of your ideal client, and determine the exact traits that make you magical. 

You're destined to leave a legacy.  Get the framework to make it happen!



Phase I - Business of Purpose

Purposeful brand basics: your vision, your why, your purpose + ideal client

Phase II - Confident Entrepreneurship

Your special fry flavor: how to stand out, embody a personal brand, and craft services you can sell with confidence

Phase III - Self Care for Creatives

Making self care REAL and not just a unicorn: weekly schedule, setting boundaries, and feeling comfortable investing in you


Monthly Structure

Bi-weekly 60-minute coaching calls

+ 2 bonus 30-minute "as needed" calls

+ email and text (WhatsApp or FB Messenger - your choice) support

Investment: $1950 (or $675/mo)


See what these beautiful ladies have to say about working together!

Book Your Discovery Call with Melanie

15-minutes of chatting all things you and your biz dreams.  Because you are one heck of a gal!