Helping women come back home to themselves
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Your mind is your greatest asset...until it’s not.  I mean, of course you’re smart, capable, and frankly, really good at what you do.

But sometimes, you still get caught up in that overthinking hamster wheel.  As if thinking your problems to death is actually going to solve them.

When you’re stuck in your head and spinning your wheels, you know that you need more support than taking a step back, bugging a biz bestie, or a good night’s sleep.

You need a clarity and confidence injection STAT. You need an Ascension Accelerator.


 Hi friend!  I’m Melanie St. Clair and I’m here to help you access the clarity and confidence that you need to

➳ stop overthinking when you’ve hit a roadblock

➳ take fast, aligned action so you can get back to rising

➳ and continue ascending as your best self

I hate watching powerful women like you come to a STANDSTILL because there’s just one tiny detail that they’re trying to iron out
…or a situation comes up that totally cramps your style like a rejection email or backlash on Insta
…or you’re just burning yourself out and you need an external reminder to align, that you’re worth it, and that you’ve got this.

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You want to know what it feels like to have a dedicated support system for EXACTLY these situations?

➳ You’re not waaaay overthinking the price point on that new, juicy offer.  In 15 minutes, we hash it out, what’s blocking you, and pump you up to proclaim your new price to the world.  

➳ Someone sent you a triggering AF DM on the ‘gram?  You book yourself a session so that you can rise above, keep rising, and not curl up on the couch in a puddle to waste away half a day.

➳ You’ve got a pro on virtual speed-dial so you have peace of mind that someone has your back, is rooting for you, and is here to do EXACTLY that.  No more feeling guilty for bugging your biz bestie again for “just a quick question.”

Best part?  You get unlimited support for an entire year with a coach who wants nothing more than your limitless success (at a fraction of the investment for high-level 1:1).



One Year of Unlimited Laser Coaching and Limitless Potential for the Woman on the Rise

In Ascension Accelerator, you’re unlocking an entire year of unlimited laser coaching sessions with me.  So you can do less hamster-wheeling and more magic making as a woman on the rise.

These fifteen-minute sessions are the clarity and confidence injection you need to continue giving, receiving, and serving at great levels while minimizing the impact of roadblocks.

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 What are LASER sessions?

Laser coaching sessions are 15-minute lightning sessions that laser in on ONE specific problem.  There is a brief questionnaire when booking your call so that we can get right to the meat of your current situation.

We start with up to 2-minutes for you to share any additional information, context, and for me to ask clarifying questions about what’s going on.  Then we dive into the laser coaching - rapid fire problem solving and reframes so you can get right back on track. With 90-seconds left, our timer will ring for us to wrap up and for me to deliver any homework items for you to complete before our next session.  Aaaand you’re back to making magic.

We aren’t diving deep in 60 or 90 minute sessions.  This is fast-paced work dedicated to specific problems as them come.

Laser Sessions are MOST EFFECTIVE for:

➳ working through a unique situation (ex - how do I set boundaries with this person?)

➳ discussing a specific question (ex - what should I price my latest offering at?)

➳ giving you an alignment tune up (ex - guided meditation, cheerleading, etc)

Laser Sessions can SCRATCH THE SURFACE of:

➳ identifying and releasing the limiting beliefs that are holding you back

➳ shifting the way you see yourself and your relationship with the world

➳ supporting your expansion as a next level leader

Additionally, YOU are totally in the driver’s seat of this coaching relationship.  You choose exactly when to ask for the support without the distraction of accountability check-ins or other noise.

If you’re looking for higher level support that dives deep into limiting beliefs, expanding to the next level, and provides high touch accountability, I recommend inquiring about Light Leader coaching or joining the Legacy Sisters Mastermind.

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What does “UNLIMITED” really mean?

Inside Ascension Accelerator, you’re getting unlimited access to my unique laser coaching calendar.  There’s no need to count the number of sessions you use or space them out. Book a laser session when you need the support.  Keep making magic when you’re rocking it out.

The only requirement is that you complete any homework assignments that were assigned from our previous session before scheduling a new one.  Only one session may be booked at a time.

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What’s Included


Unlimited access to my laser coaching calendar.  Use sessions when you need the support. Continue to rise in the times that you don’t.


Perfect for any quick questions or processing in between our coaching sessions.  Email me anytime and receive a response within 1-2 business days.


All of our laser sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your unique Dropbox folder so you can go back and listen anytime you need.

Ascension Accelerator is valued at over $7,000.  But you’re getting access for a fraction of that price!

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Ascension Accelerator is a ONE YEAR commitment.

Get inside for just $1997

(and learn how to access a FREE 60-minute intake session)

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Here’s What Happens Next

You click that magic button and schedule a no-obligation call to see if Ascension Accelerator is the right fit for you.  There’s no pressure to join. Just two powerful women ready to co-create an incredible support system and find the fit that’s of best service to all.

If Ascension Accelerator is EXACTLY the type and level of support that you need, we’ll get you signed on with a client Dropbox folder and access to my unique laser coaching link so you can accelerate your ascension right away.

(and learn how to access a FREE 60-minute 1:1 intake session)

Meet Your Partner in Crime


Melanie is mindset coach who helps women on the rise ascend faster and easier so they can become the creatrix of their own lives again.

She’s passionate about supporting visionary women because she knows that once you are whole with who you are, you can do anything.  Her greatest honor in life is helping women like you become whole again and live your most radiant life.

When she’s not helping women love themselves like it’s their life’s work, you can find her sipping matcha lattes, touring the world (or the grocery store) with her dreamy husband Jeramia, or hopelessly trying to get her cats to take selfies with her.

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Let’s Do It

Friend, you know if this is the type of support that you need.  And if you’re ready to get out of your head and into your life again, I invite you to say “I’M WORTH IT” and book that call.

There are limited spots for this because of the incredible amount of support that’s available to you. So, if this container speaks to your soul…

Book the call.  Get the support.  Then get back to living your destiny.

And claim your BONUS 1:1 intake session! Details on how to unlock in our no-obligation call.

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