Why I Chose to Release Goals from My Business + How It Allowed Me to Crush Them

Why I Chose to Release Goals from My Business + How It Allowed Me to Crush Them

As a former Type A personality, of course I was always obsessed with goal setting.  Crushing goals was like running through one of those giant banners on the football field totally victorious and on top of the world (sans excessive padding).

Goal crushing, strategy, formulas, hustle harder, blueprints, and roadmaps, I ate that shit up.  I loved the idea that I could crack the code. If I just work hard enough now, I’ll get my big break and I can finally rest.  Sound familiar?

But there was one MASSIVE problem with running my business (and frankly, life) in this way.

It gave me zero results.

At least in terms of income.  Hustling hard. Working 13-hour days on the weekends.  Squeezing in webinars on my lunch break. All the work, the force, the need to make something happen.  Zero dollars.  Running an over-complicated, strategy focused business left me freakin’ broke.

After a few months of soul searching, ditching my 9-5 after a mere 6 months in the corporate world, and booking my first two amazing coaching clients for a beloved, albeit "safe" coaching intensive, I realized there was a missing piece in my business model that everyone else was ignoring.


Desire to try a certain strategy, desire to run my business in a certain way, desire to be on a certain platform.

Everything that I was doing was because it was a should.  You should hustle hard to make money. The more you work now, the more you can rest later.  You should be everywhere on every social media platform if you ever want to be seen. You should go find clients because they won’t find you.

I was shoulding all over myself every damn day.  Ewwwwww.

So, what changed?  I stopped acting from a place of fear and started acting from a place of love.

Desire = love.  Should = fear.

I left behind the days of force, push, pull, fight, vanquish, crush, and the overbearing need to make something happen.  I stopped being at war with myself.

Instead, I focused on alignment, flow, ease, release, surrender, and my new favorite vulnerability.  I tuned into myself and my desires and actually listened more. I learned that the qualities about me that I always thought were weird or made my life more difficult were actually my superpower and not my burden.

Because when you’re laser-focused on hustle, strategy, and cracking the code, there’s one HUGE element that’s missing from your business.


Hunting for the next strategy, constantly focusing on growth hoping more numbers = more money, attending webinar after webinar praying for your next big break, that’s all external shit and clutter.

Your email list, your Instagram followers, your strategies...those aren’t your source of power.

It’s YOU!

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And remembering this truth SKYROCKETED my business.  I made deeper connections on Instagram than I ever had.  I fell back in love with emailing my incredible list. I went from $1k months to $11k (cash and sales) in just one full month of running my business this way.

Because here’s the thing.  Everything comes down to ENERGY.

People are buying your energy and not your programs.  Their hearts leap hearing the message you have to share, their hands reach out to connect listening to your story, they are magnetically drawn to you and your soul when you show up at 100% pure you.

YOU are a total rock start, my friend!  Seriously!

Everything I create (heck, the reason I live and breathe on this earth) is to create energetic spaces where you can be 100% you.  Because I believe wholeheartedly in the impact you're making, the lives that you're changing, and in the message that you're sharing.

You are worthy.  In case you forgot, I thought you could use that extra reminder today!

Coming into alignment with your truest self is like finding that old favorite sweatshirt that you thought you lost. You've tried many others over the years. Some too big, some too small, some itchy or just really awkward.

But one day, you're digging around your closet for that other heel and suddenly....there it is. The ol' favorite.  You put it on, nestle inside it's soft, comfy goodness, and feel completely at home. It's so liberating to be you when you finally give yourself permission to do so.

Goal setting and having an overbearing strategy focus is the fastest way to kill flow in my business (and life...it’s all intertwined, of course!).

Because the moment you set a goal, what’s the next thing you say?  How do I make it happen.


Doesn’t that question immediately elicit overwhelm, frustration, and a shit ton of PRESSURE?  Like you’re supposed to control everything in the goddam universe, bring the stars into alignment, and make shit happen.

No!  It simply doesn’t work that way.

All of my clients? 90% of the money I receive? I never saw it coming. I didn't know, the how. Yet, there was abundance. Showing up for me 100% every single time.  Like randomly finding a $100 bill in my checkbook when I opened the doors for my signature money mindset program Cash Flow Clarity.  If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is!

You don't need to know how everything is going to work out. That is way too much pressure to put on ourselves!

So, let me say this loud and clear because I want you to relieve yourself of all this pressure and stress you’re putting on yourself every time to make your monthly goal sheets….


Because when you release the need to know HOW it's all going to happen, you create space magic and miracles to happen in your everyday.

Trust in your magic, your power, and your ability to receive to do the work for you. It's your #1 job to show up as 100% you and share your message. Every step you take from this space creates ripple effects to attract all the abundance, wealth, ideal clients, love, and joy in your life that I know you're craving and so.damn.ready.for.

So, my amazing, badass visionary friend.  THESE are the hows that I encourage you ask....How can you be more you in your business today?  How can you act from a place of love and not fear? What shoulds can you choose to release?

Because I promise you the answers to those questions will get you farther than any webinar or formula will!

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